Mom’s Viral Explanation That ‘Daddy Privilege’ Is a Real Thing Has People Screaming

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We’ve all heard of pretty privilege, and we tend to roll our eyes when it crops up on our feed, right? But this time, we’re talking about a thing called ‘Daddy privilege’, and you certainly won’t be rolling your eyes after reading this, we promise you.

A mom went viral on TikTok for explaining that ‘Daddy privilege’ is a real thing…

And here’s why.

Chloe Sexton, a mom to an adorable 6-month-old baby called Theodore, and a 7-year-old called Mason, is tired of dad’s being praised for things every parent should be doing.

And, so, the bakery owner took to the TikTok platform to express her feelings toward the matter.

“I’ve got a fun little story for you about daddy privilege,” she began in her video.

“I am a business owner, and my husband has a job. My husband has a job. I have a business, my husband has a job,” she expressed frustratingly, saying that she: “Could not make it any clearer.”

She then went on to explain that her bakery requires her to attend a depot where she buys ingredients each week, and it’s a lot of work for her.

Most of the time, when she does this, she’s “wearing” her 6-month-old around her waist, and she even did it while she was pregnant with him.

And, on one of the days Chloe usually buys her products, her husband had the day off, and he also had little Theodore, so, he went and did it for her.

“When I tell you…” she said, “the way this man was treated like a hero, a hero! Mind you, those same people see me there every single week. I was recognized by 1 of the cashiers, she was like ‘hey do you have a TikTok? I recognize you.'”

“I’m strapped up with a baby, or 7 months pregnant halling 100 pounds of bags at a time of flour, meanwhile I’m getting a whole lot of nothing to see here,” she continued, gesturing in the video that people just ignored the fact she was balancing a baby and a business.

“But my husband wears the baby, and he goes to the restaurant depot for mommy’s business, and it’s ‘Oh my god look at you!'”

“He said that somebody walked past him and said ‘Oh my god that’s a whole a** baby’. Yeah! It’s his! It looks more like him than me!”

“He’s not a hero. He’s literally just a parent, just a father, doing the same sh*t I do every single week,” she finished in frustration.

Amen sister!

And here’s what people had to say!

With over 995.1k likes this boss momma definitely grabbed the attention of many.

And had every single woman screaming…

Because everything she said is the truth. You literally cannot fault her.

What do you think?