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Elon Musk has everyone talking about Dogecoin... But we've got something a little better to invest your money into rather than the stock market. How about a Blue Kazoo's Earth Series? That'll take you straight to the moon and it's guaranteed to be a lot more fun for the whole family.

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Now, Elon Musk is a guy that knows exactly what he's talking about...


As of February 2021, the entrepreneur is worth a whopping 203 billion dollars and that doesn't come without taking some pretty big risks.

And recently, he's got the entire world obsessing over Dogecoin...

It all started when Jackson Palmer, a code and tech genius, developed the cryptocurrency inspired by that famous Shiba Inu Doge meme.

It was kind of meant to be a little joke... But the numbers are no laughing matter.


Within the first weeks of the creation in 2013, it blew up in the stock market after people started rallying behind the idea. At the time it was worth approximately 90 million dollars.

But it didn't end there...

​Just a few days ago, it got another influential push by Elon Musk, who tweeted this meme about Dogecoin's potential. And of course, a whole bunch of his followers started investing in it.

Now, it's seen an overall surge of 44%.

Multiple outlets have reported seeing numbers skyrocket as Musk continued to tweet about the currency. At one point, he even posted this new meme, bragging about his influence. You can't deny that that Musk is a very powerful man.

But as with a lot of stock market investments... You must be ready to take risks.

​And positive outcomes can't always be guaranteed.

So if you're not ready to make such a risky investment, we've got your back...

Blue Kazoo have got a puzzle series that will take you straight to the moon quicker than Dogecoin.

Check out their amazing Moon jigsaw puzzle...

Blue Kazoo

This circular puzzle is uniquely crafted to provide a challenging yet enjoyable puzzling experience. It is made up of 1000 high-quality pieces for you to get stuck into.

Or if you want to get a little wilder with it, why not invest your money into the entire Earth series?

Blue Kazoo

In the bundle, you also get the Earth and Sun puzzles - 2 of our best-selling puzzles. And for good reason too, because they all feature the highest-resolution images ever composed of the planets.

​Once complete, you get the pleasure of framing such stunning pieces of art.

So what are you waiting for? Invest your money into the smarter option by clicking here.

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