Don't you just love a good moon? We sure do - there's just something magical about that big glowing orb in the sky.

On our earth that's increasingly seeming like a scary place, the moon remains basically untouched and still has that mysterious, mystical beauty about it.

And this morning, the skies are set to light up with something truly magical...

Ready to look up?

There's an exciting event happening in the skies this morning.

What do you need to see it?

Well, actually, you didn't need any fancy equipment to catch this event - you just need to know what you're looking for.

It's not gonna be too hard to spot.

Because what you're looking out for is a rare eclipse-esque event, called a lunar occultation.

It's worth looking out for.

The earth, moon, and planet Mars are going to be perfectly aligned.

And, depending on where you are...

Mars is set to disappear completely from the sky!

So, where does it go?

Well, technically nowhere - but it'll be hidden completely by the moon for some time this morning.

And this does not happen very often.

"A lunar occultation involving a planet is a rare event. There are only a few per decade as seen from any given spot on the globe," said AccuWeather's Dave Samuhel.

You don't need a telescope to spot it.

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Both Mars and the moon are bright enough to be spotted by the naked eye.

You just have to know where to look.

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And that is, of course, dependent on your location.

The time of day will also point you in the right direction.

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The more easterly you are, the earlier you'll need to look out for the phenomena.

On the east coast, it'll be just after sunrise.

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But those on the west coast will have a better chance of seeing (and photographing) the phenomena.

And that's not the only exciting space news this year!

Each and every full moon of 2020 has a special name - and they're set to be big 'n' beautiful.

Obviously this occultation isn't the only moon action we get this year.

Normally, we get twelve full moons annually.

But this year, we get thirteen.

October has full moons - the second of which is called a blue moon.

You know the phrase "once in a blue moon?"

That's where it comes from! You learn something new every day.

But to make this blue moon even spookier?

It falls on Halloween - making it an even rarer occurrence.

It's set to be a stellar year for moon lovers.

We're also set to have 2 more supermoons on March 9th and April 7th.

Here's a full list of the moon dates for your diary.

March 9th has the worm moon, April 7th the pink moon, May 7th the flower moon, June 5th the strawberry moon, July 5th the buck moon, August 3rd the sturgeon moon, September 2nd the corn moon, October 1st the harvest moon, October 31st the blue moon, November 30th the beaver moon, and December 29th the cold moon.

Lots to look forward to!

But if you're truly passionate about the moon, scroll on. NASA is planning on sending people back there in 2024!