Moose and Calves Spend a Day in Family's Backyard and Man Documents How It Went | 22 Words

A moose and her calves decided to set up camp in someone's backyard last week and, thankfully, the homeowner was there to document the full thing.

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If you have a backyard, it is more than likely that you're sharing it with an array of critters.

We've all experienced the company of squirrels, raccoons, and possums in our time.

But one man recently had the most unexpected of visitors in his back yard.

Roland Rydstorm, from Anchorage, Alaska, had quite the shock when he looked out of his window last week.

Raymond has been working from home during the medical pandemic...

But, on June 3rd, he had some rather unexpected company - A family of moose!

Now, the Alaska Moose is the state's official land mammal...

And there are currently around 200,000 of the animals residing across Alaska.

So, living in Alaska, it isn't uncommon to come across one of these remarkable mammals.

Seeing a moose strolling across the street isn't anything out of the ordinary here, and Raymond has spotted a fair share of moose in his time.

Though you do need to be careful if you come into contact with one of these animals...

A typical Alaska moose can stand over 6.9 feet tall, and can sometimes weigh over 635 kg.

And they eat a tremendous amount of food.

Although moose are herbivores, they eat enormous amounts - Sometimes, up to seventy-three pounds of food a day. Yep, I told you they could eat.

So, understandably, you need to treat these animals with caution...

And Raymond's latest encounter with these animals was extremely close for comfort.

Raymond got up close and personal with these animals recently...

Because a mother moose and her 2 calves settled directly in front of his window in his backyard.

On his unlikely visitors, Raymond said:

“I could watch them directly from my work spot. It was a great distraction and a fun way to spend the day while I was editing concert footage for my job with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra."

The little family lounged in his yard most of the day, between around 9am and 7pm.

He continued: "Throughout the day, as the moose changed lounging spots or walked away and came back, I’d go back to the window or the open door - the screen door was still closed - to take more pictures of them. They were oblivious to me most of the time - although their ears were up most of the time, so obviously they were alert."

And his photos are adorable.

The new mother had evidently deemed Raymond's yard as a safe and comfortable spot for her to catch up on some rest with her calves.

The calves enjoyed a much-needed snooze in the comfort of Raymond's lawn...

Isn't this the most precious thing you've ever seen?

This calf even dozed off with a smile on its face...

Though it seemed a little too pleased with itself when knocking over that plant pot.

On the adorable calves, Raymond said:

“The calves spent a lot of time lounging together. It was cute seeing them lying together and moving with the sun throughout the day."

But, before long, they were back up...

And they were bursting with energy.

They are evidently keen explorers...

And they were seen curiously investigating alien objects in Raymond's garden, such as the fence and the BBQ.

Raymond said:

"As the moose family left and returned to the backyard, they’d nibble on plants, or in the case of the calves - the patio furniture and decorations in our’s and our neighbors’ backyard - just like a baby, putting everything in their mouth."

And this little guy evidently started to feel peckish...

As it curiously nibbled at the garden fence.

By the end of the day, the moose family peacefully went on their way.

What an amazing experience... Who else suddenly wants to move to Alaska? For more on incredible wildlife encounters, keep scrolling...