22 Things That Should Probably Be Way More Expensive Than They Are

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When was the last time you felt like you overpaid for something? It’s a terrible feeling. Now on the inverse, when was the last time you felt like something was way cheaper than it should have been? Well, it seems that topic has found its way onto Reddit in the form of a thread titled, “What is too cheap for what it is?” Some Redditer’s answers were so good and/or funny; we thought we’d share them with you. Maybe you’ll agree with some, but not with others. Either way, you’ll probably appreciate it more the next time you get them for cheap.

“Costco $1.50 Hotdog and drink combo.” –@Polar_Ted It’s true. You really can’t beat the prices at the COSTCO food court. Whether it’s a hotdog and soda for only six quarters, or an entire pizza for just $10. These prices exist nowhere else.

“Pineapples. These things take two to three years to grow and ripen. I can pick one up for $3.” –@phantaxtic Considering the lengthy grow and ripen period, yes, pineapples are surprisingly cheap. But the minute there’s a shortage and those prices go up, you know you’ll be complaining.

“Information online, I can learn almost anything for free online, just fixed my window blind by watching a YouTube video.” –@vegansaul Yes, the era of free information online is a beautiful thing. Before every wedding and bar/bat mitzvah I find myself pulling up the “How to Tie a Tie” video on YouTube. And I know I’m not the only one… because it literally has millions of views.

“Plastic cutlery. It is somehow cheaper and easier to drill a hole into the Earth, pump out prehistoric sludge, transport it to a refinery, turn the sludge into raw plastic beads, transport those to a factory to be melted down and molded into plastic cutlery, transport that to a store to be used once and then thrown away than it is to wash a goddamm fork.” –@SgtBrowncoat Dear @SgtBrowncoat, If you ran for Congress, I’d vote for you. Sincerely, A big fan of your plastic cutlery rant

“I have no idea how a 2×4 can cost less than a moderately fancy drink at Starbucks. I live in BC. I see the scale of the logging operations, the massive investment in machinery and man hours, the re-planting of the clear cuts, the many years that a woodlot has to be left to re-grow, the machinery and man hours required to transport the logs and mill them – I cannot fathom how it all adds up to a $3.75 2×4.” –@unusedmonitor2 An excellent point made here by our Canadian friend who is clearly much more knowledgeable on the topic of lumber than myself. But subsidies are one possible answer.

“Hot showers. They are glorious and very inexpensive.” –@nachotypicalchick I love hot showers so much. It’d be an interesting experiment to see how much money I’d actually be willing to pay for one.

“Meat. Seriously. At a local supermarket I can buy steaks for three bucks… at A&W french fries cost more than a burger… what is going on???” –@madeamashup Similar to the lumber situation, meat is heavily subsidized. Having said that, plain French fries should never be more expensive than a burger. They’re just fried potatoes!

“When you think about it, plane tickets. Sure, a few hundred dollars is quite a bit of money for me and air travel can be stressful but considering that amount of money can bring you pretty much anywhere in the world within a day in relative comfort it really isn’t that expensive.” –@FlorissVDV I completely agree, except for when you are forced to overpay to go somewhere nearby. Especially if it’s somewhere you didn’t even want to go.

“Youtube – It’s amazing how much content you can watch at any time. It’s endless entertainment for free… (I hope Youtube TV and Youtube Red dies out lol)” –@heyyitsmike YouTube has become the newer generation’s form of television. This is why most people under the age of thirty are perfectly willing to pay for Internet, but not for cable.

“Music streaming. I could buy an album for $20 on CD or vinyl. Most of that money would be split between the label and artist. For the same price I can listen to said album non-stop for two months on Spotify, and the band+label would probably not get 50 cents for it.” –@henrihell Similar to the YouTube over cable television theory, why would you pay for one album, when you can pay the same amount (if not cheaper) for every album ever?

“Cell phone. It’s a digital camera. Calculator MP3 GPS Pedometer Compass Telephone Internet connection and way more. Really incredible when you think about it.” –@Mckebb01 The smartphone has become the modern day centerpiece of life. Which is exactly why the prices are going up. They know we can’t live without it now, so they can charge more.

“Bananas. These things are picked, packed into airtight containers with RFID sensors and placed on ships, then offloaded in the U.S. (or wherever), and ripened with pressurized gas. Then sold at Walmart for .30/lb.” –@BobSacramento I love bananas, so I’d never complain about their affordability… but it is insane the picking and shipping process they go through to still only cost me a few dimes.

“Jack in the Box, two tacos for 99 cents deal. Everything on their menu has increased in price except those.” –@D1sCoL3moNaD3 I spent many a high school nights ingesting those bizarrely cheap Jack in the Box tacos. I’m still not even entirely sure what’s in them. Some say soy. Others say meat. Further research reveals there’s a little bit of both. So best not to tell your drunken vegan friend the next time you’re pulling up to the drive-thru.

“Gasoline in America. And I drive a car same as many other here and can barely afford life as it is. I just mean if it was more European prices maybe we’d have developed more mass transit in more cities by now, had it followed the same route. It’s not like I want the price to suddenly skyrocket.” –@atlcyndruga I rarely find myself celebrating the “affordability” of filling my car with gas, and I surely don’t want the price to go up – but I do get this Redditer’s point. Perhaps we could have righted the ship with mass transit, but at this point, everyone shifting over to electric cars seems the more likely of the options.

“Condoms. A few bucks saving you from at least 18 years worth of child raising and tons of money.” –@Davebaker610 I’d rather buy condoms than Plan B or a pregnancy test any day. Easiest decision you’ll make all day. And if you’re in college, there are plenty of places giving them out for free.

“Helium. We’re running out of it and it’s very useful in scientific and industrial processes. What do we do? Make our kids’ birthday balloons float in the air.” –@mhrogers In all honesty, rather than getting rid of helium-filled balloons, maybe we should just get rid of balloons entirely. Other than children and clowns, who would miss them?

“Uber ride, you are basically renting the car and getting the driver for free.” –@Wmjcollins This is all true until surging kicks in. Then it becomes a rip-off and you suddenly wish you had just driven yourself.

“Garbage pickup and disposal. Especially with our attitudes about consumption, recycling and reusing products. I wonder if some important social/civic work could get done by making garbage more expensive…” –@tapanypat I’d be willing to pay more for garbage and recycling pickup/disposal if I knew for sure that it was going to the best place for the environment, rather than the cheapest and most convenient place for the city. And can we do something about how loud the garbage trucks are?

“Electricity and clean running water.” –@King_Fuckface Considering how integral water and power are to modern life, you’d think they’d be more expensive. Once that air-conditioning bill comes in though, you start to miss those surprisingly affordable power bills.

“Visiting State Park land. $10 for a car-full of people to park, and you get 10,000 acres to explore without paying land taxes or having to maintain trails, fend off trespassers, etc.” –@FemmeBirdo State Parks are beautiful, fun, and cost-efficient places to explore. Check out as many as you can on your next road trip.

“I literally just today bought two pairs of scissors on Amazon for four dollars, no shipping cost. TWO PAIRS!! FOUR DOLLARS!!! I am very excited about this. :P” –@TiredFlower3 First off, this Redditer is entirely too excited about purchasing scissors. However, I believe the point being made here is that you can get anything on Amazon at an insanely low price, with free shipping.

“Sleep… it’s free!” –@Inaglasscage This person makes an excellent point. While you might not always have a great night of sleep, whenever you do, it’s always free. And I don’t think we appreciate that nearly enough.