Morgan Freeman is just an awesome guy! Not only has he starred in modern classics such as The Shawshank Redemption, but he also has the coolest voice in Hollywood history. He's also a kind and wise man, something that he continues to make evident through his amazing acts in helping to preserve the planet and its wildlife.

Recently, the eighty-four-year-old actor decided to add another title to his CV: Beekeeper. Yes, Morgan Freeman has decided to dedicate his spare time to keeping and protecting bees. Just wait until you see the project...

Morgan Freeman is a Hollywood legend...

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Freeman has managed to remain one of the most recognized and distinguished actors in the film industry.

But now he’s decided to rebrand himself.

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At over eighty years old, the actor has now decided that it's time to pick up a new hobby and become a beekeeper.

Yes, a beekeeper!

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Freeman first mentioned beekeeping in 2014 during an interview on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

He spoke about his beekeeping skills.

Before appearing on the show, the actor had only been keeping bees for a few weeks, but he still had plenty to discuss.

Like how we should be protecting the honey-making insects.

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Freeman not only spoke about the process of caring for bees, he also spoke about the importance of keeping these creatures around.

Bees are the foundation of our planet, according to Freeman.

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During the interview, Freeman spoke about his incentive to become a beekeeper. And the main reason that he decided to take up this new hobby may shock you.

He's saving the planet!

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Freeman stated:

"There is a concerted effort for bringing bees back onto the planet…"

"We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation..."

Well, when you put it that way...

Since the interview, he's made a big decision.

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Since then, Freeman has transported more than twenty-six beehives from Arkansas to his ranch and home located in Mississippi.

And the ranch is one hundred and twenty-four acres!

So we can rest assured that those bees are well looked after and loved.

​Since then, he's imported more than twenty-six beehives.

And created a paradise of clover, magnolia trees, and lavender in bloom.

The actor even commented on what he wears while beekeeping.

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Often, when beekeeping, the keeper is expected to wear protective clothing and gear.

But this is Morgan Freeman!

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Apparently, the actor doesn't wear protective clothing. Instead, he just wears his normal clothes!

And he has yet to be stung...

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Amazingly, the actor hasn't been stung by one of his bees yet, but there may be a reason for this.

Unlike other keepers, Freeman has no intention of exploiting the bees.

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Instead of keeping bees for their honey as most do, Freeman simply wants to keep them safe, protected, and well-nourished.

He happily feeds them himself with sugar and water.

Is it weird to be kind of jealous of a bee?

He has also made his ranch into a flowerbed of dreams.

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Beyond the colonies and sugar-water, Freeman has planted a plethora of bee-friendly flowers on his property.

FYI, bees are responsible for 80% of the pollination in the world.

And one single bee can populate more than 300 million flowers a day.

Without bees, humans would not have the majority of fruits, nuts, and vegetables we have today.

So saving the bees is about more than just altruism - it's also essential to the future of our species.

Thank you, Morgan Freeman!

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We should all thank Morgan Freeman for his hard work and wholesome intentions in trying to preserve such a beautiful species - and the planet, of course.