The Most Memorable Mugshots Ever Captured on Camera | 22 Words

Forget photoshoots; mugshots are where you'll really see some interesting stuff. Therefore, these 30 mugshots are sure to grab your attention! From a crazy hairstyle to strange animal companions, or even an unusually gorgeous photo, each one tells a story you’ll need to see to believe!


Arkansas resident Sarah Seawright became internet famous after her flawless mugshot caught the attention of social media users! You can find her under the hashtag ‘Prison Bae.’

Say this name five times fast.

Pretty normal-looking mugshot, right? That’s until you find out that this guy’s legal name is…well, either impossible to remember or impossible to forget: Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop.

What’s the craziest hairstyle you’ve ever seen?

Because this one probably beats it.

If that style didn’t win all the crazy awards, this will.

Someone give this man proper braiding lessons.

This man reportedly answers to the name “Halfy."

This Miami man, Carlos Rodriguez, is famous for missing half of his head. He was arrested (and had this mugshot taken) on arson charges. Next up, one man's mugshot turned out to be the best way!

Move aside, Jared Leto.

Miami apparently has a Joker-lookalike of its own; appropriately, this man’s affidavit lists him as a ‘tattoo model.’

Meet the “Hot Felon."

Or, alternatively, “The Blue-Eyed Bandit." It’s not so much the mugshot that is crazy, but rather what became of it. After his striking mugshot went viral in 2014, Jeremy Meeks signed a modeling contract and has since made it big as an international model!

Santa Claus was on his own naughty list last year.

Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez was arrested for selling cocaine in 2017—and this Santa look-a-like was even wearing a red shirt in his mugshot!

This guy doesn’t kiss and tell.

18-year-old Micah Musser was arrested for trespassing, and his mugshot shows that he got quite a few hickeys before the arrest! You might say the whole thing was…a real pain in the neck.

Man or Medusa?

This mugshot keeps Greek mythology alive! Keep reading to see a very strange, pet-friendly mugshot, plus another astounding success story with unique looks!

What’s with the macaw?

We’re not sure why this bird (named ‘Bird’ by its owner) needed to be in the mugshot, but there you have it!

Half-finished hair:

This man’s haircut might need a few finishing touches!

Fashion makes a statement!

Again, normal mugshot—but notice that this guy’s shirt features a print from his last mugshot! It also says ‘Family Reunion.’ There’s probably an interesting story behind that fashion choice.

This model has the ‘World’s Hottest Mugshot.’

Angela Coates good-naturedly called herself the female Jeremy Meeks after her booking photo went viral on social media.

Another modeling success story?!

Mekhi Alante Lucky’s mugshot went viral, his handsome features and eye-catching heterochromia getting him signed with the St. Claire’s Modeling agency! On the next page, an eye-opening mugshot of bovine proportions...

Why did the woman in a cow costume cross the road?

This memorable mugshot was taken of a woman who was arrested for blocking traffic, chasing kids (in a cow costume) and threatening a police officer.

This mugshot came out of the blue.

In a way, she kind of looks like the Harley Quinn to our earlier Joker.

Don’t go too hard on the Fourth of July!

Unlike this guy, who was arrested for selling narcotics at a popular hotel club in Miami. 

Heisenberg has nothing on this kingpin.

Sarah Furay was arrested in 2015 for drug trafficking—including cocaine, meth, ecstasy, and LSD. She’s also the daughter of a DEA agent, believe it or not! This earned her the moniker of the ‘adorable drug kingpin.’

Not your average black eyes!

While there are plenty of weird headshots, Morgan Joyce Varn’s is definitely out there. Note the totally blackened eyes! Next, the most unorthodox wedding photo you've ever seen!

This definitely wasn’t the best honeymoon.

Tammy Lee Hinton was arrested at her own wedding, just a little while after she said ‘I do!’ She even opted not to change out of her wedding clothes, hence the impromptu bridal photoshoot courtesy of the Jackson County Police.

A golden goatee!

Patrick Tribett was arrested in West Virginia for huffing paint—and the paint didn’t come off for the mugshot!

There’s no wrong time to snack.

As the story behind this mugshot goes, this North Carolina man told police officers he was hungry after his arrest. So, naturally, they gave him a sandwich.

One Mohawk to rule them all.

This woman, “Mohawk Girl," was arrested for a DUI. In a happier turn of events, she later gave an interview about it as a student studying Law Enforcement!

When the weather outside is frightful…

Wrap yourself in toilet paper? That’s what this woman did when she said that her New Hampshire prison cell was too cold. The more hardcore mugshot you'll ever see is up next...and it definitely isn't what you'd expect!

This is the stuff of nightmares.

This teen was arrested for stabbing a woman…while telling her that he needed to “sacrifice" someone. After his arrest, this creepy mugshot was taken.

Pucker up!

Angela Green’s mugshot went viral on the internet after she posed with her best ‘duck lips’ for the camera! 

Now that’s how you work for the camera.

Noel E. Dawson Jr. was arrested after he chased a family member with a hatchet! Thankfully, the only thing he hit was his own truck.

Pretty sure this is how a bunch of horror movies begin…

This man was found, dressed up on Halloween, intoxicated and sleeping in the upstairs bedroom of a stranger’s house. That’s more ‘trick’ than most people need in their lives!

This is the most metal old lady you’ll ever see.

Hell hath no fury like Helen Staudinger, a 92-year old Floridian woman. After her 53-year-old neighbor refused to give her a kiss, she shot up his house (he’s fine, don’t worry) with her semi-automatic pistol! Share this story with other people who would find this info fascinating!