‘Most Beautiful Duck in the World’ the Mandarin Duck Sighted Again in Canada

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The Mandarin Duck, which is highly regarded as “the most beautiful duck in the world” has once again been spotted in Canada.

Keep scrolling to read more about this aesthetically pleasing duck, and to find out the remarkable circumstances behind its reappearance…


As humans stay indoors and stop consuming and polluting, nature has finally started to heal.

It is undeniably having a positive effect on our planet and the inhabitants in which we share it with.

With humans being forced to remain indoors for the foreseeable future, our planet is finally getting a breather…

And our animals are thriving as a result. Keep scrolling to see some examples of flourishing wildlife from all over the world…

Endangered turtles in Brazil were able to peacefully nest and lay their eggs, completely undisturbed by human activity.

In a town in Wales, UK, a group of mountain goats came to visit.

It seems that our animals are really benefiting from this lockdown.

The squirrels have made a triumphant return.

The parks have been left completely deserted…

Meaning that our squirrels can finally get some much-deserved grazing time.

And, in even more exciting instances…

Some incredibly rare and exotic animals have been coming out of hiding.

And now, they are reemerging in full force.

This weekend, a rather unique, and incredibly rare animal was spotted at a deserted Burnaby Lake in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Mandarin Duck.

The colorful duck which boasts a gorgeous orange, purple, white, and blue plumage is native to China and Japan, so it is next-to-impossible to get a sight of one on this side of the pond.

Over the decades, these particular birds have somehow migrated to Europe, and the odd few have made it over to North America. And this duck, which has been affectionately named as “Trevor,” made his spectacular first appearance in Burnaby Lake back in 2018, and he attracted hoards of tourists flocking to catch sight of him.

As he wasn’t to be seen again.

An excited photographer posted a video of the beautiful bird, and he was quick to gain tremendous viral attention.

Trevor has been spotted once again… I mean, he isn’t difficult to miss, is he?

So when he is out and about, he certainly draws a lot of attention.

And, luckily for us all, Trevor is back.

A small group of tourists visiting the lake reportedly spotted Trevor peacefully swimming around once more.

This duck is the lockdown anecdote none of us knew we needed.

Stay strong, Trevor! For more on animal antics during lockdown, keep scrolling to read about the tiny wooden restaurant one man built for his local squirrels…