Besides the peanuts and excessively long hot dogs, the best part of going to a baseball game is getting up on the jumbo-tron. Letting the entire ballpark see your smiling face is a thrill usually reserved for couples who get on the kiss cam and the super-fans who are smart enough to bring their mitts along with them so they can catch foul balls.

But once you get up on that jumbo-tron, you've got an opportunity to make the rest of the fans crack up in laughter. And that is a sacred opportunity, one that is not to be taken lightly. A lot of people do a quick little shimmy, or make a silly face, but that's not enough. No, if you end up on the jumbo-tron for catching a foul ball, you gotta go big. Jumbo, even.

Here are the people who've made the most of their opportunities — these are the funniest foul ball catches in baseball history.

Kid's got game.

Whoa, check out baby Casanova over here. This is such a smart move if you're the type of kid who is a) not into baseball and b) very into girls.

Straight chillin.'

Nah, don't get up. Don't react. Don't dance around with joy. You only caught a baseball at an MLB game, something a lot of fans dream of doing their entire lives.

Chris Rock? Always seemed like a good dude.

This one is especially funny because the announcers say, "Look at that, he gives it to a kid — he can run for office." It's like, hello idiots! Chris Rock already ran for office in the hilarious movie Head of State! Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, maybe that was the joke they were making. Apologies to the announcers for calling them, idiots.

We get it.

This is just not fair. Three foul balls? Three foul balls? Leave some foul balls for the rest of us, man!

Got him.

This fan is living the dream — he actually involved himself in the game and was able to bail out one of his favorite baseball teams. That smugness is well-earned.

Bottoms up.

Listen, it's fun to see a fan stand up and have some fun with the rest of the crowd after making a great foul ball catch. But she did know she could take the ball out of the glass, right?

What's up, you cool baby?

The announcers here get in a solid dad joke: "The baby's wondering 'why are these people cheering for me?'" But it's also funny because, for comedy to work, it needs stakes. What could be more high stakes than a baby that might get beaned in the head by a 90 MPH baseball?

I play at the pleasure of the president.

It looks like this baseball player had a quick, affable little chat with then-president George W. Bush, but certainly, the Secret Service had a lot to talk with him about after the game.

Who is this guy?

I mean, I know he's Dan Majerle, a former NBA player, but, like, who is he? He catches a foul ball and just stands there, stunned? That's your chance to show us who you are, pal! Dance or chug a beer or propose to your girlfriend or something!

At least it didn't get in the peanuts or Cracker Jacks.

It's pretty impressive to see a fan lift his popcorn bucket into the air and come back with a foul ball, but it's especially impressive when you hear that he wasn't even trying to catch a ball. He was just holding his popcorn in the air, hoping it'd be blessed.

Look at him wriggle all around.

Oh no. Oh no. Sir. Sir? Next time you lose your phone going after a foul ball like this, you have to just write it off. Grieve if you must, but that phone is gone forever.

Some say he hasn't eaten to this day...

Two times, this baseball fan lost his (very pricey) ballpark food to catch a foul ball. That's two meals, down the drain. It might be cheaper to just buy foul balls on eBay.

The legs are the hands of the lower body.

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. That's too close. This baseball fan here was lucky to walk out of that game with his piece in one piece.

Look at these quote unquote "adults."

A three-year-old was right in line to catch a foul ball when an adult couple snagged it without a second thought. Then, these monsters took pictures with the ball as the kid cried. Officially, this isn't funny because the three-year-old got his feelings hurt, but because that couple is so oblivious.

Got a little something on your face there.

That ball looked like it was a homing missile and its target was those nachos. And the fan never gives the crowd a wave or a "what are you gonna do?" shrug. He just looks forlorn.

Hope it was a good cheesesteak.

This kid gets it. He snags a foul ball, but he's also got a cheesesteak to eat. So he passes off the ball to another kid. It's an important life lesson: whatever's keeping you from eating a cheesesteak has got to go.

"It's always nice to be nice to the nice."

Obviously, this foul ball retrieval is more heartwarming than funny, but man, that announcer's call really got me. "It's always nice to be nice to the nice"? What does that even mean? It sounds like something a yoga teacher would say if they forgot to come up with an intention for their class. "Um, I'd like to offer... be nice to the nice? Because it's nice?"

Doing a little dumpster diving.

Would you look at these fans digging around in the trash, looking for a foul ball. Like little raccoons, they are. It'd be kind of cute if it weren't so gross.

Give it back, Karen.

While this is another supposed "adult" stealing a foul ball from a child, this video gives us one more layer: the "I got caught"-look and humble toss-back. That suggests the woman is beginning to process that she might be the worst. Progress!

At least knock off the high-fives!

Yes, the high-fives are the most upsetting part of this clip, but let's not underestimate how funny that kid is. She's so soundly defeated, and she sleepwalks back up the stairs, presumably to wonder how her life got to be this way.

Remember what's important.

Ooh, this fool let his baby fall straight to the ground. Hopefully, there will be plenty of space for this dad to display his foul ball in the new apartment he had to rent after his wife told him to leave.

We got a juggler over here.

Oh man, he had just so many close-calls. He almost had it. He should have had it. But after he let that foul ball go, sportscaster and former Second Baseman Duane Kuiper came over and handed him a ball (very slowly, to make sure he could grab it).

A big ol' tumble.

Now listen, I don't want to laugh at a man just for falling, especially because it looks like he got hurt. But his friend's reaction is so funny. He's reacting like ti's the funniest thing that could have possibly happened. It makes me think the guy who fell told his friend on their way into the ballpark, "I hate falling down. I hope it never happens to me."

He plays his heart out for you. You owe him at least this.

Are those the ball player's nachos? No. But is he playing on the favorite team of the guy who bought the nachos? Damn right he is. And that gives him the rights to any food eaten or considering being eaten by this baseball fan. It's like the right of prima nocta, except less revolting.

Cause a distraction.

I just wish I could better understand this baseball fan's strategy. Did this guy maybe think that, by blinding his opponents, he'd be more likely to catch the ball himself?

Don't you know how this whole thing works?

This dad ended up with a foul ball and immediately gave it to his youngest daughter. But that daughter wasn't having any of it, so she threw it as far away as she could. You love to see kids rejecting tradition and living their own lives.

These fans also got aced.

I love the way this player taunts the crowd by pretending he's going to throw them the ball before walking away. Not enough athletes are willing to actively make their fans feel bad.

You love to hear it.

from baseball
This is for sure the highlight of this announcer's life! You know he wanted to play ball after high school, but that dream died, and he's still orbiting baseball as an announcer. Truly, this is his Rudy moment.

Just like a salmon.

Whoa, that ball hopped right into that bear's mouth! And that is where it will stay, because no ballpark employee is going to put their hands anywhere near the bear's mouth.

And finally, here we have Steve Bartman.

Steve Bartman is a tragic case; a man who so loved his team but, with one simple mistake, destroyed it. During Game Six of the 2003 National League Championship Series, both Cubs fan Steve Bartman and Cubs outfielder Moises Alou went to catch a fly ball headed for the stands. Bartman practically snagged it out of Alou's glove, making it a foul instead of an out. Had Bartman backed off and let the baseball player on his favorite team catch it, it would have put the Cubs in a great position to win the game. Instead, they not only lost that game but also the series, continuing a then 58-year-long championship drought. In the immediate aftermath of the catch, Bartman was yelled at and had garbage thrown at him by other fans. It got so bad he had to be escorted from the game by security. And then his name and personal information were posted online. The harassment by Cubs fans went on for years. So yes, this catch in and of itself isn't funny, especially since it ruined a man's life. But what is funny is that a Chicago lawyer bought the Bartman ball for more than $113,000 to burn it and end the supposed Cubs curse that caused the championship drought in the first place. Sports fans, man. They get nuts.