The Most Hysterical TikToks of All Time | 22 Words

Many of us may not understand or know what TikTok is but some of the internet’s funniest videos are originating from the app. TikTok used to be the app called but now the platform has moved to feature humor and currently has the most hysterical viral content.

TikTok is having a big moment right now. I was not on TikTok, but after seeing the hilarity that's on the app, I decided that I needed to sign up. And I was not disappointed. The Sandman Cat, Kambucha Girl, and Take-out Noodles are just a few of the TikToks that literally made me laugh out loud. Everyone should be where the funny is and TikTok content is funny. If you’re still not sure what’s going on with Tik Tok, well here we’ve compiled all of the most hysterical TikToks that will also make you want to create your own funny clips.

The Kombucha Girl pretty much put TikTok on the map.

Her reaction to drinking Kombucha for the first time created a whirlwind of memes.

TikTok's filter plus an adorable cat equals instant viral content.

Just try to get this song and video out of your mind.

I did not expect to see Peppa Pig like this.

It's so wrong but so funny.

This one is an eye-opener.

OK, but what made his back side so enormous? We may never know but we have this TikTok for laughs any way.

The timing is hilarious.

I am not lying when I tell you all that I hollered when I saw this TikTok.

Parents find this very relatable.

This TikTok recently went viral and Chrissy Teigen shared it on Twitter.

This is uncomfortably funny.

And we still have so many hysterical TikTok's to go.

In case you ever wondered what too much hairspray is like.

It's a Dr. Seuss hair do.

OMG the crunch.

This TikTok combined with the Nestle Crunch theme song helped it go viral.

Karma truly has it's way of getting back to people.

The story, the make-up, and the autotune make this TikTok truly amazing.

This one is for the Ratatouille fans.

Clearly, it's the only way to learn how to cook.

An apple game with a catchy tune, sounds like viral TikTok content.

Some people just make a game out of nothing.

I think you'll enjoy this bear surprise.

if you didn't know bears could be daredevils, well now you know.

Everyone needs to see the Crocs video.

And wait until you see the next hilarious TikTok.

This made me laugh way too much!

I cannot lie, I would have ran too.

This banana gave me all of the feels and laughs.

The baby banana is adorable.

From Vine to TikTok, David Dobrik makes viral hits.

I don't think anyone expected that massive whatever that is.

TikTok also has some very wholesome content.

Thanks to this clip, now I know hummingbirds can be handfed.

This swimming pool fail is TikTok royalty.

I'm surprised she didn't fall.

She really has a llama in her living room.

I love the part where she's reading the llama a story.

This guy having Chinese take-out is hilarious.

This is so funny, I cried.

Papa John's vs. Pizza Hut

An epic yet hilarious rivalry.

If only cleaning were this fun.

Maybe if we included this song, cleaning would be more enjoyable.

The VSCO demon is hilarious.

And the next TikTok will have you dancing.

This is what we all want to do when we hear Level Up.

It's really hard to not want to dance to this song.

This is one delicious TikTok.

I must know where I can get one of those cones.

This is a whole new perspective on people flipping.

Capturing her flip in slow motion is genius content.

I am here for dogs shaking it.

And the song goes perfectly with their rhythm.

No one expected Dr. Phil in stilettos.

This Dr. Phil remix is hilarious!

Who knew a Justin Bieber conspiracy theory could be so hilarious.

If you haven't signed up for TikTok yet, you really should.