Most People Can't Find the Mountain Lion Posed To Kill in This Photo | 22 Words

The latest optical illusion to go viral on Facebook has left users claiming it's got to be photoshopped.

Keep scrolling to find out why...

Optical illusions can really make you feel strange.

There's something about the way that they can disrupt our sense of reality that makes us feel incredibly uncomfortable.

And they're always popular online.

While a lot of internet content seems to be a little problematic, controversial, or divisive, it's nice to be able to all agree on something.

Just to sit back and enjoy something weird.

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Like this bizarre picture in which at least one of the girls appears to have no legs.

Or what about this infamous image?

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This picture was originally shared on Instagram, and people went wild, questioning whether it showed some super greasy legs - or some expertly placed white paint.

For some reason, the feeling of confusion is strangely pleasant.

Perhaps it feels nice to give up control and admit that the world is just weird and crazy.

Although that isn't always the case.

Sometimes, a particular optical illusion will come along that just sends the internet crazy - and not in a good way.

One such picture, taken at Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, has gone viral this week.

And it's had everyone scratching their heads in confusion.

It looked just like an average photo...

Or so the internet would have us believe...

It was quickly revealed that all was most definitely not as it seemed.

It was in fact a life and death moment caught-on-camera. And the post has since racked up hundreds of comments from bewildered viewers...

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The photo shows an elk in a gully surrounded by trees...

“Take a moment today to search for the hidden mountain lion that is following this elk," the refuge posted on Facebook. “How long did it take you?"

The riddle quickly caught the attention of Facebook users everywhere and has over 15,000 reactions and shares.

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Among the 1700 comments are people who refuse to believe there is a mountain lion hidden in the background.

Refuge officials even had to explain that the photo hadn't been altered in any way, as some accused the refuge of photoshopping the pic...

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The refuge went on to post a series of photos captured at the same time to prove it was real.

Take a look at the picture below...

If you still can’t find it, check out some that people have shared here, or for a closer view, try here. This is definitely the hardest one yet. Keep scrolling for more...