Mother-in-Law Slammed for Buying Grandkids Matching Christmas Pajamas Except One

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Grandmas can be protective at times, sometimes a little too protective. But, this grandma took it a little too far when she gave 5 of her grandchildren a Christmas surprise, leaving 1 of them out… and photographing it, too.

A woman, who is the grandmother to 6 fabulous children, apparently only likes treating 5 of them to Christmas surprises.

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And people on social media are appalled.

The woman’s daughter-in-law has 6 children in total, 1 in which, is the child to her previous relationship.

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And so, this to the mother-in-law means that child is just not her grandchild.

That’s why she bought 5 of her grandchildren matching Christmas pajamas and left the child, who does not belong to her son, out.

Not cool, not cool at all.

But that wasn’t all she did.

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She proudly took a picture of all 6 of her grandchildren sitting down in front of the Christmas tree.

And… the child, belonging to a man from her daughter in laws previous relationship, was sat at the end in pajamas that weren’t the same as the rest of their siblings.

And honestly, it was so sad to see.

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Our hearts were shattered, just like everyone who had a little something to say after the photo was added to a local Facebook group by a family friend.

“Some people out there with no heart!” the post read, as per the Sun.

“A friend of mine is married. Mother-in-law bought matching PJ’s for all kids EXCEPT the one that doesn’t belong to her son. Is she wrong?” they finished.

And people’s hearts were breaking for the little boy: “100 percent wrong!!! The woman should feel ashamed of herself for leaving an innocent child out!!!” 1 person wrote.

Another person said: “This is horrible to the core!” 

Some people were even confused as to why the mom of the children even accepted the gifts, and why she didn’t say something to the mother-in-law.

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What would you have done in this situation? Would you have said something to your son’s mom?