Mother of Civil Rights Icon Ruby Bridges Dies Aged 86 | 22 Words

Lucille Bridges, who famously walked with daughter Ruby into a segregated New Orleans school, has tragically passed away.

Here's what we know so far...

Now, there's no denying that Lucille Bridges made history.

She enrolled daughter Ruby in a segregated public school in the '60s.

And to ensure Ruby's safety ...

She walked with her daughter into the school every single day for a year.

Following the '54 Brown vs the Board of Education agreement, the pair were accompanied by federal marshals.

This ensured their safety during what could have been an extremely dangerous situation.

Lucille died in Uptown New Orleans on Tuesday...

She was eighty-six years old.

Activist Ruby Bridges announced her mother's passing on Instagram this week.

"Today our country lost a hero."

"Brave, progressive, a champion for change."

"She helped alter the course of so many lives by setting me out on my path as a six year old little girl."

"Our nation lost a Mother of the Civil Rights Movement today. And I lost my mom."

" I love you and am grateful for you. May you Rest In Peace." Lucille Bridges. (August 12, 1934 - November 10, 2020)" And tragically, Lucille isn't the only icon we've lost this year ...