Mouse Caught Cleaning up Old Man’s Garden Shed Every Night on Camera

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We don’t usually think of animals as tidy. When was the last time your dog did your laundry or your cat took a turn washing dishes? Or your turtle pitched in just a little bit and handled the vacuuming? Pets are really almost useless as household help. Except for maybe that dog from Peter Pan who takes care of all the children, although a dog as a full-time babysitter is probably not legal, right? Or the birds and mice in Cinderella who make an entire dress? Or the little shrimp from Finding Nemo who cleans the fish tank? Wow, Disney really has a thing for animals with household responsibilities.

But in real life, animals usually make things even messier. If someone calls your bedroom a “pigpen”, they don’t mean you’ve put everything away nicely. If someone walks into your home says “It smells like a barn in here” you can probably bet your house doesn’t smell lemony fresh and also that person is kind of rude?

The point is. Animals: great at many things like being adorable or if they are a horse, pulling a cart. But not great at cleaning.

Or are they?

Most animals are messy.

And make our houses much less clean.

We love them, but also usually we spend a lot of time cleaning up after animals.

Scooping their litter, giving them baths, vacuuming their fur out of the carpet, you know the drill.

But apparently, not all animals are messy.

A man in England recently noticed that his garden shed was being tidied up at night.

Steve Mckears from Bristol, England kept waking up in the morning to find that various tools he’d left out on his workbench were being put away in the middle of the night.

But the thing was, Mckears hadn’t been putting them away.

He worried about why this was happening.

Did he have a very tidy ghost haunting his garden shed?

A mess-conscious prowler?

A rogue maid who cleans strangers’ sheds in the middle of the night?

Or was he losing his mind?

He told BBC he was worried he might be going mad because he didn’t remember putting away the tools.

He was pretty sure he wasn’t putting away the tools.

And yet, the tools were put away.

So he decided to figure out what was going on.

He set up a camera to record his shed at night.

When he looked at the camera in the morning, he was surprised to find out who the tidy visitor was.

A mouse!

Every night a little mouse had been sneaking around his shed, putting away all his tools.

In the video, he could see the little mouse dragging all his tools into a small bin.

McKears said he was glad he wasn’t going crazy and that a mouse was a culprit.

A mouse is also definitely better than a ghost.

McKears said he named the mouse “Brexit”.

Because with all the stuff he was taking, it looked like he was preparing for Brexit, just in case things go awry.

But he says his friend calls the mouse “Metal Mickey”.

Very punk rock.

Looks like Disney wasn’t that far off about mice being helpful around the house!

Where can I get one of these mouse maids?

But why exactly was a mouse stealing his tools?

Was he building a machine that dispenses cheese? Because I’d also like one of those.

It turns out the reason is just that mice like to move stuff around.

Even if that stuff doesn’t belong to them.

Some mice move things on instinct.

They have a natural desire to dig, and moving objects around fulfills that desire.

But it’s also possible the mouse was creating a living space for himself.

He thought of the shed as his home, so he was moving things around to make his space the way he wanted it.

Probably the mouse was equally confused when he’d wake up every night and found that someone had moved all of his stuff around during the day.

So rude of McKears to just rearrange that mouse’s whole apartment without asking.

Here’s the video McKears took of the mouse moving his tools around.

It’s incredibly cute.

The little mouse picks up things one by one and puts them into the bin.

When it gets to things it can’t carry, it tries it’s best but has to drop them in favor of lighter items.

It’s incredibly determined!

Unlike me, the mouse cleans quickly and doesn’t clean one thing and then watches four episodes of Queer Eye before moving to the next thing/falling asleep.

Mice are truly amazing.

And really haven’t let Netflix get in the way of their productivity, which is admirable.

Mice aren’t the only animals that tidy up.

There are other animals that like to keep things neat.

Naked mole rats have bathrooms in their colonies.

Naked mole rats live underground in colonies with lots of tunnels and rooms, like ants. They even designate specific rooms as bathrooms and when they are full, they seal them off.

Crows make their own tools, and then put them away.

Crows have been known to fashion objects into tools to pry insects and other food from inside trees. When they aren’t using their tools, they put them away neatly in holes in trees.

I can’t even remember to put my toothpaste tube back in the medicine cabinet?!

Stop making me look bad, crows.

So maybe we are wrong about animals.

As that little mouse showed us, animals can be neat, just like we can.

And you know what that means.

My cats are going to be expected to finally pitch in around my apartment.