Move over Squiggle Brows — Squiggle Lips Are Now a Thing

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Last week we told you about a crazy new trend called “squiggle brows.” They are just as weird as they sound.

But the times are changing, and this new week brings a new kind of madness. This time, “squiggle lips.”

These lips are not for the meek, but we promise, you will want to see them…

In case you need your wings so sharp that they can cut your enemies.

Also acting as a defense mechanism against your enemies. (Or just a bizarre fashion statement.)

Squiggle brows basically make you look like a character out of a weird live-action Tim Burton movie, and the Internet has been loving ’em.

Some love it, some hate it.

And with the massive success of squiggle brows, people started to wonder… “What else can I squiggle?” Well, we’re about to show you…

Move over squiggle brows, there is a new trend in town.

Fashion gurus and beauty bloggers on Instagram are the early adopters of this new trend.

Squiggle lips must require the patience of a saint to get them evenly squiggled.

When both the brows and lips are squiggly, it almost makes you feel drunk or something. It’s confusing to look at.

Whether or not you like them, they do look a bit alien. Though I imagine that’s part of the appeal to those who like the squiggles. So, how did the Internet react?

After all, who cares what other people do with their bodies?

Why take everything so seriously? It’s just for fun people!

The more we look at them, the more entranced we become.

Putting on lipstick normally is a pain in the butt, let alone getting it to squiggle evenly. That sounds like a nightmare.

Holy crap, that’s EXACTLY it. What do you think? Is this a trend you would ever try?