'Mrs Sri Lanka' Beauty Queen Injured in on-Stage Bust-up | 22 Words

Mrs. Sri Lanka played host to what has been hailed as one of the biggest bust-ups in pageant history. The tussle led to one of the contestants being injured and taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries.

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Over the weekend, Sri Lanka hosted its annual Mrs. Sri Lanka event.

And while everything seemed to be going to plan, the ending of the event saw a controversial re-crowing after it was discovered that one of the contestants is actually "divorced."

Pushpika De Silva, the winner of the pageant, was exposed by Mrs. World.

Caroline Jurie, who is also from Sri Lanka, took matters into her own hands announcing that she has a "small request to make."

She took the mic from the host and started laying into the beauty queen.


"As for the Mrs. World [competition], there is a rule that you all have to be married and not divorced," she says hinting towards the rumors surrounding De Silva and her current marital status.

"So I'm taking my first steps and saying that the crown goes to the first runner up."


The crowd was stunned into silence with a few mutters here and there. Even the host is stood behind her wondering what the hell is going on.

But things then go from bad to worse...


Jurie walks over to the 3 girls that are standing to her side and literally starts pulling the gold crown off of the head of De Silva, who looks confused and is doing her best to stay composed while the woman pulls at her hair.

Once it's been forcibly removed, it is then placed on the head of the first runner up, who, of course, accepts it willingly.


​Another woman comes out from the back and helps Mrs. World take the crown from De Silva while also pointing a finger in her face before raising a fist of success when the crown is placed on the other woman.

De Silva then runs off stage, humiliated.


The other contestant who supposedly won third place is stood watching all the drama unfold, confused, much like the rest of us.

According to Time 24 News, the disgraced beauty queen was later taken to hospital to receive assistance for her injuries.


She was taken to the hospital in Sri Jaiavardenapura-Cota, capital of the country and later on, the people on her team said that she was left very depressed by the situation.

Addressing the situation in a Facebook post, De Silva denied the rumors that she was divorced.

Instead, she said that she and her partner are separated, as they do not live together, but there are no official documents to state that there has ever been a formal divorce between the two.

She told Newsfirst this:


"Living in separate houses and being divorced are completely different things. I have already taken legal action against the injustice and humiliation caused at the event."

She also talked about what happened on stage and the effect it had on her physically and mentally.


"The pain of my skull when my crown was snatched from my head by the world married beauty queen, the pain I felt when I lost the crown..."

She continued:


"I say a true queen is not a woman who snatches another woman's crown, but a woman who [helps straighten] another woman's crown!!" and also added that she was only addressing the "essential" things in the post.

Of course, upon seeing the controversial footage, people had a lot to say:


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​Regardless of the re-crowning, it has been announced by the same outlet that De Silva has been reinstated as the winner of the competition.

All that drama for what?

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