There are some things that truly just some up the holidays - the Christmas tree, festive sweaters, Christmas songs, and of course, mulled wine.

The red wine infused warm beverage pretty much sums up the festivities - let's be honest, Christmas just isn't the same without it (and mince pies, of course).

And it seems in an ode to the festive red elixir, people are dying their hair the same rich color. And the result is utterly jealousy-inducing. Keep scrolling to take a look at the latest new hair craze.

The are so many things that are just great about Christmas.

Whether its the festive decor, (ugly) Christmas sweaters or the food, there's nothing not to love about the festive season.

And of course, Christmas movies are a sure way to get you in the Christmas mood.

Classics such as Elf, The Holiday, and even newer additions like Netflix's Klaus are all go-to movies around the season.

But there's one thing that really does capture the essence of the holidays.

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... mulled wine.

The notorious red wine infused beverage truly sums up Christmas.

The warm beverage, made with red wine along with various mulling spices, is a favorite around the time of year.

Just writing about it is making us want one right now.

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There's nothing better to get you into the Christmas spirit (apart from a mince pie, or The Grinch, maybe).

And as an ode to the delicious drink...

People are now dyeing their hair the same rich color.

And the result of the latest festive-themed hair craze?

Well, it's completely envy-worthy.

People have been sharing snaps of their new hair on Instagram.

And it looks perfect for the holidays.

We're tempted to dye our hair now...

People with darker skin tones are opting for a deeper shade of the purplish-red color, and those with lighter skin tones tend to gravitate more toward the red tones. Either-way it looks amazing.

We've got major hair envy right now.

The dramatic hair switch-up is just what we need to get through the colder months. Mulled wine hair isn't the only festive craze to be sweeping through the internet this month. People seem to be obsessed with Christmas costumes at the moment. Keep scrolling to get a glimpse as this very over-the-top festive Christmas tree costume that's putting Christmas sweaters to shame. The best news? It's on sale.