An episode of Murder House Flip has unveiled a truly horrifying story.

There's something about haunted houses that just seems to intrigue the hell out of people.

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Perhaps it is the unknown phenomenon that surrounds the paranormal world... or perhaps some people just enjoy being creeped out!

There isn't any concrete evidence to back up that ghosts or spirits exist...

But there are so many of us out there who believe strongly in these entities.

And even though it's nice to believe in Guardian Angels and the spirits of our loved ones...

The thought of seeing a ghost is utterly terrifying.

Which is what makes the concept of a haunted house even scarier...

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Not to mention the countless horror movies based on haunted houses!

The movies may be scary...

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But what's even worse has to be real-life haunted house shows...

There have been multiple reports of paranormal activity in certain properties...

And there are individuals out there who are convinced that they've witnessed a paranormal entity in their very own home.

We're totally addicted to watching these shows.

And one of the most recent episodes may have just been the most haunting yet...

Because aside from ghosts...

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It also has a harrowing tale of murder.

People are obsessed with this story.

And, honestly, it's not hard to see why...

10-year-old child star Judith Barsi was in several movies, including Jaws: The Revenge.

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But her life was ended tragically when she was brutally murdered by her father, Jozef.

He then went on to shoot his wife and himself.

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And 13 years later, the Bernal family was excited to move into a Canoga Park, California...

The family claimed they could feel the effects of this tragedy.

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And on their episode of Quibli's Murder House Flip, the explained the grim details ...

They claimed the garage door would open and shut on its own.

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Their home was also plagued by phantom cold spots.

One family member slept in the bedroom the young actress was murdered in.

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And (unsurprisingly) suffered terrible nightmares.

After years of suffering, the family reached out.

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Interior designers Joelle Uzyel and Mikel Welch host Murder House Flip, a show which specializes in fixing haunted homes.

They focused on the areas of particular activity.

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Primarily the hallway, bedroom, and the backyard.

They added some happier touches to the area.

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Including family photos, brighter colors, and extra lighting to brighten the place up.

They placed crystals strategically around the home to improve the vibes.

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They also totally redid the garden to make it a space the whole family could enjoy hanging out in.

And the results were clearly life-changing for the family.

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"I felt bad energy here, and now it’s dissipated," one member explained.

"The negative energy that we felt in the house is gone already."

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"No more sadness, no more crying."

"This is one of the greatest things that has happened in my life."

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The results are pretty incredible.

If you want to watch this incredible piece of television...

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You can access the streaming service right here.

"Not only did Mikel and I make the homes beautiful, but we also gave them ownership of it."

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"It now belongs to them, versus the history that it holds. It’s a new space, and we’re really proud of it," Uzyel explained to the New York Post.

We wish the family all the best in their new space.

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