Muslim Family Irate After McDonald’s Worker Allegedly Hid Bacon In Their Sandwiches

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Something incredibly disrespectful happened recently at an Alabama McDonald’s that is causing quite an uproar online.

You might find a bit of something you don’t like or didn’t ask for, then send your food back. It’s a hassle, but no big deal, right?

It’s not always just a matter of taste that guides our orders.

The wrong ingredients are unwanted and sometimes can make us ill if we eat them, leading to a host of bigger issues.

Sometimes, it’s just an accident, albeit a dangerous one. Other times, it’s something more nefarious at play.

Is it a crime? Or just gross negligence? One family sought to find out after they constantly found their orders to be incorrect in a very troubling way. See the unbelievable story on the next page.

The family was in town visiting from New York when they dined at the restaurant. After receiving their order, they said they tasted something “smokey” and opened up the sandwiches to inspect them. That is when they found trace elements of the culturally forbidden pork product hiding inside each of their sandwiches.

How does Ms. Hadeed know? Because it happened to the family 14 times! Happen once? Maybe a mistake. Twice? Perhaps the employee needs to be retrained on how to handle mixed meats. But 14 times?!? C’mon, folks. We have a serious problem here.

But when it happens systematically so many times, you don’t just think that the practices of the restaurant are messed up — you wonder whether people are doing it on purpose.

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The statement, originally obtained by Fox News and reprinted here, said: “We want to assure our customers that this was not an intentional act by our employees. We value every customer and strive to ensure all orders are accurately prepared and served. We are looking into the matter to understand what happened.”

She went on to tell “They ordered 14 sandwiches. They started noticing it tasted different to them. They eat McChicken all the time at McDonald’s. They knew what they ordered – they know what’s in the sandwich.

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Many in the faith believe that there are consequences for the intentional consumption of pork products, but those consequences vary – with some saying that prayers wouldn’t be heard while others contend would happen at all. Although most all agree the family wouldn’t face such punishment due to their consumption being accidental.

Some called for a boycott of the multi-national fast food chain until the matter could be resolved.

Even going as far as to accuse them of planting the bacon in their sandwiches to make a statement!

Until then, let’s all try a little nicer to be kind and respect one another.

But when it comes to matters of religious dietary restrictions, you would hope that this franchise got the message loud and clear that this sort of thing won’t be tolerated.