Muslim Student Refuses To Wear a Shorter Skirt | 22 Words

A Muslim student in the U.K was recently sent home from school for an entire month for refusing to wear a shorter skirt - something that would clash with her cultural beliefs.

Do you feel this was completely disrespectful of the girl's culture? Or do you feel the school had a point? Read on to find out...

Today in 2021, it is of the utmost importance to respect other people's cultures...


Regardless of your beliefs.

​We're living in an incredibly diverse world...


And never before have so many cultures mixed and interacted with one another.

Cultures from all around the world should be accepted, embraced, and, most importantly, celebrated...


But sadly, a minority of people out there make this incredible difficult for certain individuals.

And this especially applies in schools.


Many schools, particularly in Europe, require their students to wear a uniform... But what about students who wish to stick to a certain type of clothing in respect of their culture?

Well, this posed quite the problem for a Muslim student in the U.K recently.

Twelve-year-old Siham Hamud, who lives in Middlesex, found herself in a spot of bother at her school last month over its strict dress code.

It was all over the length of Hamud's skirt...


She had simply wanted to wear a skirt that was a little bit longer than the uniform's requirements in order to respect her Islamic culture.

Seems fair enough, right?

Well, the school didn't respect these wishes at all...


And instead of taking the girl's cultural wishes into account, they decided to send her home repeatedly throughout December 2020 for "violating the school's dress code", causing fury in Hamud's family.

Since her father went public about the story, opinion has been seriously divided...


With many, of course, finding it shocking that the young girl was sent home from school for such a minor reason.

However, on the other hand, some people feel that the school was in the right for sending her home...


And that strict dress codes are there for a reason.

Hamud and her father, Idris, spoke to The Telegraph about their experience.


The young girl explained that she had been able to wear an ankle-length skirt to school for years before it became a disciplinary issue in December - the school's uniform code, which was enacted 2 years ago, now requires female students to wear pleated, school-issue skirts or trousers.

Hamud was first approached by teachers about the issue on December 1st and was sent home each day for the rest of the term when she wouldn't wear a shorter skirt.


Now, she is attending school online due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, but her family expects the issue to continue when they are allowed to return to in-person classes.

"All Siham wants to do is to wear a skirt which is a few centimeters longer than her classmates—and I don't know why the school has such a problem with this," her father, who works as a sports coach, said.

"It feels like bullying because of what I believe," the young girl said.


Although critics will argue that dress codes should apply to all students regardless, why should one student be made to feel uncomfortable over a couple of inches of material?

She shouldn't have to go through this...


And even though she and her family are yet to hear an update on the school's rules, we hope she will be able to attend school in the clothing that she feels comfortable wearing soon.