My 30 Favorite Things I Bought on Amazon That I Would 100x Buy Again

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Hi, my name is Sandy! I’m an L.A. writer, an animal lover (shoutout to my cat Buddy!), a reader and a crafter. When I shop online, which I do a lot, I’m looking for stuff that’ll make my life either more comfortable or more fun, so my buys go from practical (a heated neck wrap) to playful (a punky blue wig).

Here are my favorite 30 things I bought on Amazon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Microwave Heated Neck Wrap Is My Morning Ritual

You’ll find this warm C-shaped beanbag wrapped around my neck nearly every morning of my life. It gets those AM kinks out as I sip my coffee and prepare to face the day. Thanks to a pinched nerve, I have to take good care of my neck, and this warm compress in the morning is just what the doctor ordered.

This Silicone Earbud Storage Case Is Surprisingly Fun to Use

This cool-looking rubbery doodad is a phenomenal way to store earbuds without getting the wires all knotted up. You pull down the outer flap, hook your earbuds in one of the slots, wrap the wires around the spindle, and then fold the flap back up. What you have left is a lightweight silicone wheel that you can squish in your hand like a stressball. So satisfying!

These Adorable Dog Cards Are the Perfect Way to Brighten Someone’s Day

I like to send friends notes and cards in the mail, just because. So whenever I find cute cards, stationery, stickers or whatnot, I stash them away. This adorable little box with magnetic closure holds 20 cards with four different designs — each one a lovable dog created out of a collage of newsprint. They’re blank inside so you can write your own message.

I Use This Weighted Bar for Strength Training and Balance

One of my favorite step aerobics workouts calls for a weighted bar, and this one works great. It’s only five pounds, but you can get them in other weight increments up to 30 pounds. It’s perfect as a standing balance and for weight lifting.

This Eyeglass Cleaning Kit Has It All!

I have many pairs of eyeglasses that need cleaning on the regular. This cleaner was rated so highly on Amazon (4.6 on more than 5,000 ratings) that I had to give it a try. Now I’m a convert! With the travel kit, I got two 2oz spray bottles, two microfiber cloths, a super cute travel case and a repair screwdriver.

My Cat Loves Curling Up on This Cute and Cozy Window Seat

Of all the window seats we’ve tried, this is my cat’s favorite. It’s got a fluffy surface to sit on and a small cushioned lip to curl up against. (And the lip zips off so you can easily clean out any fur that collects in the crevice!) It installs in the windowsill using bolts, so it’s nice and secure for my portly 15-pounder.

This Game Is Warped and Hilarious

My friends and I brought this game along on a cruise and played it one afternoon at sea. Each player gets a set of cards that represents a family of misfits. Your goal is for the members of your own family to suffer the greatest misfortunes and die off faster and more tragically than anyone else’s. Let’s just say, the phrase “Aunt Mary has dysentery” has never been so funny.

This Adorable Fascinator Stole the Show

I wore this to a costume party, and though I was also wearing a wig, a gown and jewels, this cute little cocktail hat got all the compliments. It’s a simple, marvelously affordable bit of flair that’s fun for a chic dinner out or a full-on masquerade.

This Soothing Ointment Softens Skin and Stops Itching

This isn’t a sexy item, but I love love love it. Why? It’s pure, moisturizing and heals dry skin any place on your body. My doctor recommended it for a patch of eczema on the delicate skin of my eyelid (ouch!) and I’ve been a devotee ever since.

This Speaker Sounds and Looks Beautiful

Here’s my spa night: I draw myself a bath infused with epsom salts and essential oils, I turn down the lights, and I hit play on my retro French pop playlist, which streams gently from my iHome bluetooth speaker along with a soothing emanation of colored light, changing from pink to purple to blue to green to yellow. All is right with the world.

My 13″ MacBook and Accessories Are Secure and Easy-to-Carry in This Sleek Laptop Case

When I got my new laptop, I wanted a compact, lightweight case to hold it — something different from the traditional black leathery thing. This sleek pink sleeve is adorable, has a padded laptop compartment, special protection at the corners, and a big zippered pocket with elastic bands to hold accessories in place.

These Copper String LED Fairy Lights Give My Bedroom a Starry Feel

I’ve always loved decorating with holiday lights — even when it’s not the holidays. This 66-foot string of fairy lights really scratches my itch for year-round dazzle. What’s great is that the three-strand lighted copper wire can be shaped into decorative patterns, draped dramatically, or balled-up to form a lighted cluster. It can be anything you want! There are eight different lighting modes — all controlled by remote.

I Take This Lightweight Clip-On Lamp Wherever I Want to Work

Whether I’m reading, knitting or making jewelry, I need a lamp I can easily adjust to point directly at my work. This one is perfect because it clips on wherever you need it. It’s small but powerful, and has two color tones (cool or warm) and two strengths (low or high).

This Stylish Eyeglass Case Even Fits My Oversized Sunglasses

I’m an eyeglass addict with more than a dozen different frames. And if I’m gonna have cute frames, I might as well have cute cases to go with them, right? This one is dapper on the outside and wild on the inside. (Always a fun combination.) It’s one of my faves because of its size and sturdiness.

This Pocket-Size Pill Box Is a Tiny Pharmacy at My Fingertips

I’m prone to headaches, and until I got this palm-sized pill case, I’d find myself digging through the dark recesses of my purse in search of a stray Tylenol. Now, I have 10 compartments for pain meds, vitamins and prescription pills, and they’re securely locked in a hard case that protects the pills from getting smashed to pieces at the bottom of my bag.

These Little Rabbit-in-Glasses Stickers Are TOO Cute!

Yes, I’m a grownup. And yes, I buy stickers. Now that we got that out of the way, how cute are these? I stick these little rabbits on greeting cards, letters and even sometimes on the envelopes when I pay my bills. Why not? They’re also fun to use when I achieve goals in my daily planner. One hour on the treadmill? Slap a superhero bunny on today, thank you!

With This Waffle Maker, I Can Finally Have Classic (Non-Belgian) Waffles at Home!

Whatever happened to classic waffles — the kind we all ate before the Belgian craze? You know, the thin, tightly-latticed buttermilk treats they have at the Waffle House. They’re hard to find, and if you want to make them at home, good luck! Nearly every waffle maker on the market is all-in for Belgium. That’s why I was so excited to find this model. Not only does it make classic waffles, but it makes them in adorable heart shapes. Bring on the batter!

This Wig Is Perfect for Parties, Dancing or a Playful Night Out

Maybe it’s because my brother is a hairdresser. Maybe it’s because I’m a storyteller and love fantasy. Whatever the reason, I’m big on wigs. This one was so much fun at my friend’s ghost-story pajama party! (Because what pair of PJs doesn’t look better with amazing blue hair?)

This iPad Stand Is One of the Top Five Things I’ve Bought Anywhere, Ever, in My Entire Life

I spend much of my day slumped over a computer, which means I’ve frequently got a (literal) pain in the neck. After work, holding my iPad in position to check social media, play games or read an e-book is too painful. But the LEVO iPad stand solves this. It’s got a sturdy rolling base and a long flexible arm you can adjust to whatever position you need, even lying flat on your back! And the screen rotates 360 degrees for easy hands-free use.

My Cat LOVES This Crawly Katarantula Toy

Buddy (my brown-and-white tabby) goes crazy for all the Neko Flies toys, but this spiderlike Katarantula (cat + tarantula) is his favorite. It attaches to a rod (sold separately) and can be dragged, whipped, flung or skipped around the room while your kitty scrambles to catch it.

I Use These Five Mini Wallets to Store Business Cards and More

These colorful little clutches are a great way to sort and store cards of different types. I use them for longterm storage at home — one for membership cards, one for backup credit cards, one for business cards, etc. They’re color-coded and labeled, making me feel like an organized grownup!

These Pretty Little Cups Are the Perfect Size for My Nespresso Machine

Standard coffee cups are too big to fit under the spout of my Nespresso machine, but these double-wall insulated clear cups fit perfectly! They keep my coffee warm, but my hands cool. Plus, they’re sturdy and come two in a pack!

These Compression Gloves Are the Key to Pain-Free Crafting

I started getting arthritis in my hands right about the time I took up a variety of hobbies that require the use of my hands. That’s not gonna stop me, though! These compression gloves work miracles at minimizing aches while I knit, draw or make jewelry. They also keep my hands toasty on cold days when I need my fingers free.

I Can Easily Spot My Luggage With These Brightly-Colored Tags

I love these luggage tags because they’re colorful (red, pink, blue, yellow and more options), thick and durable, but also soft and pliable. You get two in the set, and they have a cover that remains sealed (hiding your personal info) while the tags are attached to the bag.

I’ve Used This Handy Lightweight Caddy for Lots of Purposes

In pink and purple, this sure is dainty for something described as a “tackle box.” I actually bought it for makeup storage. Then, I turned it into a sewing kit. And now I’ve transitioned it into a jewelry supply tote filled with wire, thread, cord, needles and other stringing materials. I think instead of repurposing it next time, I’ll just buy a couple more!

I’m Using This Laptop Tray Right Now and Love It!

Not only does the surface of this tray grip my computer securely and protect my lap from heat, but it has a handy pull-out mouse tray. I’m one of those people who still prefer a mouse over a trackpad for most of my everyday work. But I love that the mouse tray slides inside when I don’t need it, and that the whole thing is so thin (0.6 inch) and light (2.2 lbs).

This Crazy Deck of Hypothetical Questions Leads to Hilarious Conversations

When I’m traveling, going on a first date or headed to a party where I want an icebreaker, I grab a handful of these HYPERthetical cards and stick them in my purse. They’ve got scenarios like: “You’re offered a Brain Pill that’ll make you feel 10 percent more intelligent, but you will seem 20 percent less intelligent to everyone else. Do you take the pill?”

I Use This Foam Puzzle Floor Mat as a Blocking Surface for My Knitting

These foam floor tiles are great as an exercise mat or a cushioned play area, but I use them as an enormous blocking surface for my knitting projects. (Blocking = soaking and pinning into shape to dry.) They’re less expensive than traditional blocking mats, and you get about five times more space to work with.

This Chalkboard Wall Sticker Is Great for To-Do Lists and Doodles

Who says it’s wrong to color on the walls? I say it’s not only right, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun. That said, I stick a sheet of this chalkboard paper to the wall before I start getting all artsy. Then, I break out my chalkboard markers and go to town!

This Lightweight Backpack Converts to a Purse and Has Lots of Compartments

I use the pockets on the right and left sides of this cute backpack for frequently-used items like tissues and lip balm. I put my cell phone in the front snap-pocket and my wallet in the back pocket, pressed securely against my body. Everything else goes in the zippered center, which has plenty of space, and even more pockets!