'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' Twin Brothers Found Dead Together in Joint Suicide | 22 Words

Twin brothers and stars of the hit TLC show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Bill and Joe Smith, have tragically been found dead together.

The news of the devastating tragedy was confirmed by law enforcement this week.

The circumstances are utterly gut-wrenching. Keep scrolling for the full story.


Bill and Joe Smith rose to fame on a hit TLC show.

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding depicted the ins and outs of the lives of Irish traveler families.

The show was a big hit.

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And it subsequently ran for 3 seasons from 2011 to 2015.

Bill and Joe starred in the third season of the show.

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At the time, the twin brothers were just twenty-four years old and working as gardeners. The pair had since set up their own landscape gardening business together.

But this week there has been some tragic news.

Law enforcement confirmed that the twin brothers have been found dead together.

The thirty-two-year-old brothers are suspected to have taken their own lives in a joint suicide.

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Their bodies were found hanging in a tree in Kent, England.

Phoebe Charleen Smith, the twins’ cousin, told the Telegraph that Joe had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

“Joey told the family he got the all-clear after chemo two months ago, but we don’t know if that’s true now," she explained. “They went missing, and Joey’s phone was turned off. Then we found a note. It said that they wanted it like this, and we would find them in the woods where they played with the family years ago."

Bill had reportedly told his twin brother he'd "never be able to live without" him.

Ms. Smith added that the twins were “loved by everyone." “They couldn’t live without each other, and the stars belong to the sky," she said.

Just days before their suspected suicide, the pair were videoed laughing and dancing together at a wedding.

But their family are said to have raised concerns about the pair's state of mind, The Telegraph reports. Both Bill and Joe are said to have suffered from depression "for some time."

Bill's partner, Kristina Delaney, lead the emotional tributes for the pair yesterday.

"RIP my perfect bill you were so pure so lovely. You made me the happiest girl," she wrote. “May you both get the best beds in heaven. Bill please please please be happy now. I’m just persuading myself you’re happier. I know you wouldn’t me to cry but I am and I cry because I’m in pain. You hated when I cried, but also said how loved you felt."

Authorities are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths.

So tragic. R.I.P. For more on stars we've lost this year, keep scrolling.