MyPillow Guy’s ‘Free Speech’ Social Media Site to Ban Swearing and Taking God’s Name in Vain

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MyPillow Guy CEO Mike Lindell’s upcoming “free speech” social media site will be putting a ban on swearing, p*rnography, and “taking God’s name in vain.”

Here’s the full story…

Now, Mike Lindell rose to fame through one thing and one thing only…

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And that’s MyPillow.

MyPillow is a pillow manufacturing company based in Chaska, Minnesota…

And it was founded in 2009 by none other than Lindell, who invented and patented the unique open-cell, poly-foam pillow design.

MyPillow well and truly turned Lindell’s life around…

Because when he first started to build his empire in 2004, his marriage was falling apart and he was severely addicted to drugs.
Speaking to CNBC, Lindell recalled a time when he’d been awake from using drugs for an entire 2 weeks and after his dealer took a shocking photograph of him, he knew something needed to change.

On January 16th, 2009, “I had one prayer that night,” he said.

“God, I want to wake up in the morning and never have the desire [to use drugs] again. I woke up the next day — and you’ve got to realize this is years of addiction — I go, ‘Wow, something’s different.'”

Lindell has been sober ever since…

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And of course, sobriety has done wonders for both his business and personal life.

It is believed that Lindell currently has a net worth of $300 million…

And he now has a following larger than ever.

But that’s not to say that the MyPillow CEO doesn’t have his own controversies.

For example – last year, Lindell promoted the toxic plant extract oleandrin as a cure for COVID-19, saying, “This thing works… it’s the miracle of all time.”
FYI, this wasn’t a cure for COVID-19 and this was nothing but fake news Lindell was fuelling and spreading around.

Oh, and how could we forget…

Lindell is notoriously right-wing and enjoys reminding his fans that he’s a huge supporter of the former POTUS, Donald Trump.

He has always made his fierce support for Trump known…

And he has even sold his pillows through aggressive pro-Trump marketing campaigns, offering discounts with code words inspired by Trump and the QAnon conspiracy theory.

So as you can see, you don’t get more “Trump supporter” than Mike Lindell.

And earlier this year, he opened up about his hopes for Trump’s future in an interview with white nationalist and former Trump official, Steve Bannon.

Talking about Trump’s future in politics, Lindell said:

“What I’m talking about Steve, is what I’ve been doing since January 9th – all the evidence I have, everything is going to before the Supreme Court and the election of 2020 is going ‘bye bye’.”

He continued:

“Donald Trump will be back in office in August.”

And it seems as if more recently, Lindell has been taking a page or 2 out of Trump’s book…

Because his very own social media platform will be launching later this month.

Yep, just like the former president’s plans, a social media platform is coming that will do nothing but promote free speech…

But Lindell has some pretty strict rules about his new platform.

Firstly, the platform is called Frank…

Lindell first announced his plans to launch the site in early March after being barred from Twitter for spreading election-related conspiracy theories.
He also said he had been working on the site for 4 years.

The website has been live since late March as a static webpage with the tagline “the voice of free speech.”

And its description reads that Frank “will be the platform for Americans who want to defend life, liberty, and all the freedoms that have marked America as the longest-running Constitutional Republic in the history of the world.”​

Users will be able to “post videos, live stream television, distribute news and information, and find community and fellowship with like-minded Americans.”

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And Lindell previously told Insider’s Natasha Dailey that the site would be a cross between Twitter and YouTube meant “for print, radio, and TV.”

But unlike Twitter and YouTube, Frank will be pretty strict about a couple of very specific things.

In a new video uploaded to the temporary webpage, Lindell explains a few ground rules for potential users and explained that while the website will let users speak their mind, some restrictions will apply.

“You don’t get to use the four swear words.”

“The C-word, the N-word, the F-word or God’s name in vain,” Lindell explained.

“Free speech is not p*rnography, free speech isn’t ‘I am going to kill you’.”

“It is very well defined in our mission statement,” he continued.

So, there you have it!

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Frank is set to launch on April 20th so if you’re interested in free speech without the swear words, make sure you’re there.