Yesterday, Naomi Osaka won her third Grand Slam title - and her boyfriend's reaction was absolutely priceless.

Naomi Osaka is a tennis champion once more.

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Her talents have ensured the future of her career is looking bright.

Her personal life is also pretty enviable.

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Her relationship with rapper, Cordae, is too sweet for words.

You may remember Osaka's appearances in this US Open.

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She showed her support for BLM by wearing the name of a murdered Black person on her face mask during every match.

Standing up for social issues and dominating an athletic field?

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We have no choice but to stan.

But as Osaka won her third-ever title...

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People in the crowd couldn't help notice something else, and reactions have flooded in thick and fast.

Naomi and Cordae began dating last year.

"I always feel so lucky to be in your life and to be continuously learning from you. Iโ€˜m so grateful that I can talk to you about anything and ask for advice (cause you know I need all the help I can get lol). I love that you lay down and wait for me to go to sleep before you go record. Etc because the list goes on forever."

They're literally adorable.

And it was Cordae's reaction to Naomi's win that got the whole internet feeling emotional.

We love his enthusiasm!

Truly couple goals.

Huge congratulations to Naomi!

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