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Native Americans Demand Fox News Apologise for Outrageously Racist Comments

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Native Americans are demanding that Fox News apologise for their recent comments which have been slammed as ‘outrageously racist’. Some, are also calling for some Fox News staff to be fired.

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Native Americans are demanding Fox News apologise.

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Why? Well, it all kicked off recently when Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, who appeared with her husband, former Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy, said that Native Americans’ struggles have “everything to do with government dependency … alcoholism and family breakdowns.”

But that wasn’t all.

Co-host Jesse Watters then added more fuel to the fire, saying Democrats are trying ‘to make them out to be victims’ and that they will ‘send more slush funds to the reservations’.

Campos-Duffy then said that Christopher Columbus was the first victim of cancel culture.

While her husband added that Native Americans “burned villages, raped women, seized children.” He then said that they even ‘seized land’.

Now a nonprofit organization that describe themselves as ‘dedicated to battling toxic misconceptions of Native Americans’ are demanding an apology.

A statement from the organization, IllumiNative, described the comments as ‘incredibly harmful’, adding that they ‘fuel racism and hate’.

They want an apology.

In a tweet the organization wrote:
“We are horrified by these racist attacks. [Fox News must] “immediately correct these statements on air and apologize to the Native community.”
A second tweet called for the hosts to be fired.