A rather cunning pug has gone viral after he was caught, red-handed, locking his big sister into the very cage that she had once busted him out of.

It all sounds very confusing, I know. But it's one hell of a tale, let me assure you.

Keep scrolling for the full story, and to find out just how this mischevious little pooch managed to pull off such an accomplishment.

Meet Elphie and Terrell “Sizzle" Suggs.

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

This duo could perhaps be the most mischevious pair of pugs in the world.

Though they were rescued at different times...

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

The pair were quick to become inseparable, and Elphie wasted no time in stepping into her "big sister boots".

Elphie was always on the lookout for her little brother...

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

And, in typical big sister fashion, she knew how to get him into trouble, too.

Elphie was caught redhanded.

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

While their owner, Andrew Nechetsky was out, Elise would sneakily release her little brother from the crate that he would be locked in as a precautionary measure.

When Nechetsky and his wife would go out, they would secure Sizzle in a little crate...

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

“I leave for work before my wife does, and she would always put him in the crate as he was only a puppy," Nechetsky told The Dodo.

And Elphie was always separated from her little brother...

As not to pester him while he was locked in his crate. “We would put a gate in between the kitchen and the hallway so Elphie wouldn’t bother him while we were gone."

However, upon arriving home...

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

Nechetsky would find Sizzle roaming around the house, free from his crate.

At first, he assumed that his wife had simply forgotten to lock the crate's latch...

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

But they were quick to realize that Elphie was the culprit behind Sizzle's escapes.

It turns out the pooch was smarter than she looked...

And had somehow figured out how to unlock the crate and release her brother.

Elphie had curated her own little escape method.

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

“We learned that she figured out how to climb over the gate," Nechetsky said, “and she would then let him out of the crate."

Following his discovery, Nechetsky stopped locking Sizzle in the crate...

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Because what was the point if his big sister would just bust him out anyway?

But then, there was a major plot twist.

A couple of weeks into their new arrangement, Nechetsky arrived home to a new mystery.

Elphie was locked inside Sizzle's old crate.

Yes, the very crate that she had once busted him out from. I have so many questions.

I know what you're thinking...

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

A dog can quite easily let itself into a cage, right?

Well, this crate couldn't be locked from the inside...

via: Andrew Nechetsky

And Elphie was quite firmly locked inside the crate upon Nechestsky's arrival home.

It was a complete mystery.

via: Andrew Nechetsky

He then decided to investigate...

via: Andrew Nechetsky

And began to secretly film the pair when they thought they were alone.

And what he saw shocked him...

via: Andrew Nechetsky

Because Sizzle was now locking his big sister up in his cage, and he had the initiative to use her favorite toy as bait. What a bad, but very clever boy, Sizzle!

Sizzle used a very cunning method to lock up his sister...

via: Andrew Nechetsky

“I see him open the crate, then he walks away and grabs a little pig toy and he puts it in the crate," Nechetsky said. “He walked away and waited, she went looking for her pig, saw it in the crate, walked in and sat next to it." "Then he closed the door and used his mouth to latch it shut. It blew my freakin' mind."

After Nechetsky released Elphie...

via: Facebook/Andrew Nechetsky

Sizzle went on to re-offend by repeatedly locking up his sister. And, when Nechetsky showed his wife a video of Sizzle’s trickery later that day, they decided to get rid of the crate once and for all. The relationships between our dogs are simply adorable, especially between those who bond in animal shelters. Keep scrolling to read the heartwarming story of the unlikely friendship between 2 rescue pooches...