Angry Neighbor Leaves Note Calling Farmer ‘Unreasonable’ for Fertilizing Fields

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An angry neighbor has deemed a farmer an “unreasonable” in a note for fertilizing his fields.

The neighbor, believed to have recently brought land near the farmer in Cornwall, UK, wrote a note criticizing the farmer for spraying fertilizer while threatening to involve the Environmental Agency.

As per Cornwall Live, the note, written in capital letters, read: “To the farmer.

“I can smell the spraying of fertiliser on neighbouring fields. Is it entirely unreasonable, in this heat, to expect residents to not be able to open their windows due to the smell?

“Aside from this I have a 60th birthday party this weekend and wish my guests to be able to celebrate in my garden. Please do not spray this field in this heatwave or I will have to ask the Environment Agency to deal with the matter.”

A picture of the letter was posted to the Facebook page ‘Cornwall are a Nation‘ by the Cornish campaign group Kernow Matters to Us who expressed that they felt “sorry for the farmer.”

“When we saw this, we naturally felt sorry for the farmer,” they wrote. “He’s lived in Cornwall all his life, as did his forefathers, and they’ve worked the land and kept the food chain going despite wind or weather, dry or rain, hot or cold. Then the new residents move in. They are from ‘up country’ of course and with their big money, purchased a number of properties.

“Since discussing this in our group, we have received other similar reports, a person who had kept chickens for 40 years subject of noise complaints from the incomers, a man who kept beehives who ended up dealing with a bow wave of complaints from the new ‘up country’ neighbours and so on.”

The neighbor has been slammed for the note and many people are encouraging the farmer to fertilize his fields on purpose.

“Don’t change for them, ignore & proceed. If they don’t like it, they know what to do. Further to this, have them charged with criminal damage to your gate and send them a bill,” one person said.

“What an Idiot. If I were the farmer, I would wait until they were all out in the garden then spray them all with S**t,” said another.

“If I were that farmer I’d make sure that he were spreading sh*t on the fields the day of the 60th birthday party, just for the craic,” added a third.

What do you think of the note? Do you think the farmer is acting unreasonably?