Neighbor’s Intense Note Slams Mom’s Parenting Skills and Demands She Stops Using Car To Get Kids to Sleep

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This story certainly proves how important it is to not judge a book by its cover!

A mom of 2 from Australia recently discovered that her little boy sleeps better in the car than anywhere else, so she decided to start giving them some backseat nap times. But one of her neighbors decided to instantly judge the situation and left an eye-opening note slamming her parenting skills.

And of course, the neighbor remained anonymous after completely trashing this poor mom! As per the Daily Mail, the Sydney mom blasted the “low-life” neighbor for judging the way she chooses to parent her children.

“When I find out who this is they are seriously going to regret starting a war with me!”

But let’s get into why the mom was so angry…

The note shared on social media read: “I, like most of your neighbors, walk past your house a couple of times a day and notice that you have your car running constantly on some days. I see your child and sometimes you in the car. While I understand you use the car to soothe or put your child to sleep, I am sure you must understand the damage you are doing to the environment.”

The neighbor then continued: “To have a vehicle like yours running for hours daily for no acceptable reason is beyond comprehension. If you truly cared for your children, you would care about the environment you are leaving them in the long-term, not just your short-term convenience/comfort.”

Speaking from their own experience, the neighbor continued: “I have raised three children and have never had to resort to driving or using a vehicle to put my children to sleep.

“I understand being a parent isn’t easy but taking shortcuts that damage our planet (the planet you are leaving your children) is not an acceptable course of action by any standard.”

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And if you’ve never seen passive aggression in a letter before…

Well, here it comes because the anonymous neighbor then signed off the note saying: “Neighbor that cares about the environment and our future.” Ouch!

But there are always 2 sides to every story…

The mom explained that she hasn’t actually had a decent night’s sleep since she became a parent a whole 6 years ago.

She wrote: “We haven’t had one uninterrupted night’s sleep in almost 6 years so we do what we have to do to get a well-earned break.”

And in mentioning the damage she supposedly does to the environment, she claims that her car engine is turned off for 3 days straight while they are at daycare. And we don’t think the neighbor was really trying to upset the women, he’s clearly just passionate about the environment!

What do you think about this form of parent-shaming?