Neighbor Demands Mom Only Lets Her Son out for 15 Minutes | 22 Words

One mom's latest post has the internet in hysterics after she shared a letter her neighbor sent demanding her to keep her kids indoors as they "upset their dogs." Yikes.

Kids aren't the best with boundaries, and they're even worse at understanding something that doesn't directly affect them.

Which is why Twitter was outraged when one mom shared a note from her judgmental neighbor, that was completely out of order. Here are some of the best childhood moments we can all relate to...

12. Gonna make that boy swoon.

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"This is the look I genuinely thought Joe Jonas was going to see me wear and fall in love with me in 2008."


11. Peace out.

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"My sister just had a baby. She brought her home today and my other niece was so p*ssed she packed up all her sh*t and tried to leave."

- chinchuberry

10. RIP fish bro.

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"We put my son to bed and we're in the living room watching a movie when we hear a noise in his room. We called up to him and he said it was his drawer that made the noise.

10 to 15 minutes later, I go to pee and look in his room and see his little chair up to his dresser and the lid from his fish tank on the ground. This is what we find...

UPDATE: now he's upset because he killed his fish and said he just wanted to pet it."

- ShaRoyal

9. An even bigger whodunit...

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"Someone ate all the muffins (it was him)."

- IrfanMirza

8. Devastating.

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"One time my uncle put a wig on my cousin's head and told him it was permanent."

- nyzoran

7. He could be anywhere...

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"My 4-year-old son thinks he's a ninja so my wife took a picture (before he was in the frame) and showed him. He absolutely thinks he's invisible in front of our black appliances."

- OneNightBland

6. Entitlement personified.

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"This kid asked me for some Skittles but I had just finished them so he stared at me like this the entire flight."


5. Where's the lie?!

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"Happy Mother's Day."

- ninth_revolution

4. What more do you need?

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"First grade me apparently believed the world consisted of only New York and Florida."

- vrmtts

3. At first I thought he'd dug a tunnel through the carpeted floor.

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At least he's warm. - PictureBuyer

2. Notoriously, red is a color that inspires hunger.

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"Some kid took a bite out of the cardboard at McDonald's."

- SausageSnagDog

But this fail might be the most hilarious yet.

One mom has revealed the brutal note she claims she got from a neighbor after they'd had enough of all the noise coming from her yard...

She shared a screenshot of the note on Twitter...

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In it, they stated that her child’s “giggling" was “very disruptive" for their dogs.

The woman in question uploaded a photo of the note in full, with the caption: “Yes this is real."

It read: “Dear 'neighbor', You moved to the neighborhood a year ago and I wanted to give you time to correct this problem on your own, but you are apparently too inconsiderate to do so."

The best is yet to come because the note continued:

“Every day this week, when the weather has been nice and windows are open, you proceed to let your small child run free in your backyard and laugh and giggle and carry on without end.

“This is very disruptive for my 2 dogs and my bird who sits next to the window and like to look in your yard [sic].

The neighbor then offered some stellar parenting suggestions to the woman...

“Perhaps you could ask him to tone it down a bit, or at least limit his outside time to fifteen - twenty minutes a day so my dogs can be outside without seeing him running around."

The note then took an even more serious tone...

It finished: “If this kind of behavior persists, I WILL CALL THE POLICE!"

The note has since been shared over twenty thousand times.

One person joked: “I think you need to buy your child a horn", to which the woman replied: “I was thinking a drum set."

Another added: “Let them call the police. The police could use a good laugh."

Obviously everyone came to the woman's defence over the note...


One Twitter user even said: “Let that person call the police. They are going to look insane. Give your child large, loud musical instruments or pots and pans to bang!!!"

Although the authenticity of the note is yet to be confirmed, it definitely provided some much-needed laughter.

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