Man Sends His Girlfriend Hilarious Photos Whenever She Asks if the Baby’s Okay

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One dad has a pretty hilarious way to keep his girlfriend calm when she’s away from the baby – and the internet is loving it.

Keep scrolling to see for yourself…

Now, there’s one big milestone that many of us will experience at some point in our lives…

Becoming parents.

After waiting 9 months, they finally get their own bundle of joy.

It just comes naturally to them.

Changing diapers, throwing up, late-night feeds…

They already have it all figured out.

But not all caregivers have that same response.

For some new parents, it can be very hard to adjust because, let’s face it – it is a huge responsibility.

However, there are already some methods that have been established in the community.

And one dad’s hilarious parenting method has the whole internet laughing this week.

Kenny Duess from Antwerp, Belgium, has created an incredible series.

He sends these creative pictures to his girlfriend whenever she asks if the baby is okay.