Netflix Announced a Documentary About Dogs and the Internet Is Freaking Out | 22 Words

I think we can all agree on these key concepts. One is that dogs are the best, and the other is that the world is on fire. And one of the only things keeping the world from completely imploding is the fact that every night, there are dogs who snuggles up next to us, making us feel comforted and loved. This is what dogs do for humans. And now, there is going to be a whole documentary (or should I say, dog-umentary) devoted to these furry four-legged creatures we love so much.

I know, Netflix has decided to strike us while we are at our most vulnerable state. All we want these days is to hug a dog and hope that they can make us feel better about the world. So the people of Netflix decided to make a six-part documentary series all about dogs from everywhere in the world. Dogs who help people, dogs who make people laugh, dogs who are full of love. They promise it will make you laugh, cry, and hug the dog closest to you.

This is what you are about to look like when this Netflix documentary comes out:

So grab some popcorn, some milk bones, and the nearest canine because come November 16, we're going to be weeping to this dog documentary pretty much non-stop.

Before we dive into the Internet's reaction to Netflix's new series, you have to watch the trailer:

It's almost too much. It's only a minute and a half long, and I'm already laughing and crying and hugging my dog, who is looking at me like I'm crazy.

The people who made Dogs are very excited for us to watch it when it hits Netflix on November 16.

This tweet claims that the series will "brighten you up," so that must mean it's not devastatingly sad, right? I need to know.

Dogs is the effort of a lot of amazing documentary producers...

We're all sure that it will be a moving and adorable documentary. The only questions that remain are: How many of my heartstrings will this tug at? Will my heartstrings snap? Will I be a puddle on the floor after watching this?

I mean, look at this poster.

The image of a dog's paw on a human hand is enough to send me into an emotional spiral.

Of course, this was the initial reaction of everyone on the Internet:

If any dog dies in this, I'm out! I can't do it. If it's already going to be emotional, I simply wouldn't be able to handle it if it gets worse.

The dilemma is clear.

As a lover of dogs, I want to watch this so badly. I want to give my undivided attention and my heart and my soul to this series. But I have to know that no dogs die.

We're all nervous.

This series is following the stories of a few specific dogs. If there's a dog that's trapped in Syria, then I don't think their storyline is going to end well.

But we're all scared.

We are all scared that this series isn't going to "brighten us up," as promised.

But the producer himself weighed in on this:

Is he to be believed? Is he to be trusted? Whose last name is "Zipper?" I don't know about this guy.

If we're being honest, we're all going to watch this series.

We are doomed! It's been clear for a while now! The only thing we have left is dogs. So no matter how many times they rip my heart out of my chest, I will watch the heck out of this show.

A challenge:

Seriously, even if you don't typically cry at movies or TV, this is going to get to you. The only way it wouldn't is if you are a statue made of stone.

They are not kidding about this.

This was my very first reaction, too. And then I remembered that dogs die. And now I'm worried.

We're all going to cry.

Yes, I believe the answer is yes, and you know what? That's OK! We need this right now.

Can't wait!

I have already sat my dog down and tried to explain to him what is going to go down when we watch this. Buckets of tears. Buckets of them.

This will be the new tradition:

Heck yeah! I would love to watch Netflix, cry until I have no liquid left in my body, and then chill with you.

This is a good question:

This article is my appeal to you, the people of the Internet, to start talking about Dogs nonstop from now until at least the end of the year. Come on, people! We can do it!


April understands. It is so important that the good boys and good girls in this series remain alive throughout the entire thing for my heart to be able to handle it.

Now here's an idea:

I mean, I have a dog at home, and he happens to be the cutest dog in the history of the world, but this isn't a bad idea.

Dogs are the best thing in life.

Top three? Try top one. In fact, in my list of the three best things about life, dogs hold three spots. Yeah, I said it.

This isn't a series we're taking lightly.

The emotional toll that Dogs will have on us is so great that we will have to call in sick and skip work after seeing it.

We're ready.

Arm yourself with a giant box of tissues, some Ben and Jerry's, and some water because you'll need to replenish. Let's do this, people!

This is true:

The year 2018 and the two years before it has been a giant Dumpster fire. This is one good thing that 2018 has given us.

You don't even know.

There won't even be a comparison. First of all, A Dog's Purpose is a movie. This is a whole series. It's already better because of that.

Mostly, with the announcement of this series, we want to say:

Thank you, Netflix, for being so in tune with what the people need at this point in time. This will be perfect.

It's not even out yet, and people are asking for more.

I doubt that I will feel fulfilled after only six episodes about dogs. In fact, every episode of every single show should be about dogs.

We do have a question, though:

Seriously, Netflix, what are you trying to do to us? I keep vacillating between being excited for this series and mad at the platform for making me so emotional.

Be careful about where you watch this.

Because you will cry, and it will be ugly.

But ultimately, Dogs will be beautiful.

I hope dog-umentaries become a whole genre all their own thanks to this series. I would watch every single one of them.

It's the only thing.

We are at the end of our rope. We need Dogs so badly. Share this with the biggest dog lover you know!