Netflix Announces Stand-Up Festival With Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart

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There’s no denying that went it comes to binge-watching, Netflix truly reigns supreme. In the latest few years, the streaming giant has dropped some of the most loved and addictive shows in the game – securing its position as a firm frontrunner in the streaming wars.

But there’s one area that the platform has recently been excelling in… comedy. And it seems there’s been a very exciting announcement.

Keep scrolling for all the details, you won’t believe the lineup…

Over the last few years, the streaming giant has really upped its game – producing some of the best original content for us TV-hungry folk to get our teeth into.

From true crime to comedy, there’s really something for everyone.

Over the last few years, the streaming giant has produced some of the best original content for us TV-hungry folk to get our teeth into.

The streaming giant has dropped some major smash hits including the likes of Orange is The New Black, The Crown, and Top Boy.

And, of course, we can’t forget Stranger Things.

The hit sci-fi series currently holds the title for the most-watched TV series on the streaming app.

Kicking back, relaxing, and switching on your favorite show. What could be better?


The streaming giant really knows how to pull it out of the bag.

And hey, we’re not complaining. From Jim Jefferies to Bo Burnham, there’s truly no shortage of stand-up spectacles to feast our eyes on.

And it’s like nothing they’ve done before.

But this isn’t for a series or comedy special…

Yes, the streaming giant has unveiled its very own comedy festival. Keep scrolling to get all the details including how to get tickets.

It’s shaping up to be pretty spectacular… The festival will feature the likes of Dave Chappelle, Jane Fonda, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, David Letterman, Ali Wong, and Amy Schumer – to name a few.

They’ll be a whole host of events throughout the festival – including an LGBTQ+ comedy showcase fronted by Wanda Sykes, Hannah Gadsby, and Graham Norton, and a wrap-up event entitled “The Hall,” which will honor late stars such as Joan Rivers.

Other big names include Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Silverman, Tim Robinson, Pete Davidson, Ken Jeong, Norm Macdonald, and Bill Burr… so there’s really no shortage of talent.

“This festival is a unique celebration of the art of comedy, and the role it plays in reflecting our lives and defining culture,” explained Netflix chief content officer, Ted Sarandos.

“It’s our honor to transform LA for one week into the funniest place on earth.” “It’s a chance for comedy lovers to come together and see their favorite artists as well as discover new ones, and for us to be able to share the electricity and excitement of the festival in Los Angeles with Netflix members around the world,” he added.

Don’t fret as most sets are expected to be recorded – being released on Netflix sometime later this year.

“Netflix Is a Joke” begins on April 27 and runs until May 3. Tickets go on sale here on Friday, March 6. Interested in more Netflix news? Keep scrolling to find out why the platform’s latest horror movie is being deemed as the most disturbing watch yet…