Netflix Blamed for Declining Fertility Rate as People Choose Streaming Over Sex | 22 Words

Gone are the days of nervously revealing to your crush that you "like, like" them, or passing notes in class asking your Romeo or Juliet to check "yes" or "no." In our current time, we swipe left or right on over-edited selfies, slide into DMs, and nervously text an invitation to "Netflix and chill." Ahhhhh, the evolution of romance.

While there was a brief and naive time we would actually just watch a show together, the phrase "Netflix and chill" quickly evolved into us discreetly asking each other if we want to hook up.

However, millennials are now demolishing the meaning once again, and ultimately contributing to the declining fertility rate by choosing streaming over sex.

The OG "Netflix and chill"

Let's set the scene. The second we received the "let's Netflix and chill" text, it would suddenly be time to brush our teeth, dig out the fancy panties you only wear for special occasions (ladies you know what I’m talking about), and dress casually seductive, just in case.

Let's get physical

It used to be a competition to see how long you could last before the "chilling" began.

Old school

Sometimes, you would be lucky enough to have a chivalrous interaction in which chilling would happen gradually and naturally (with consent of course).

Maybe chivalry is dead...

Other times you wouldn’t be so lucky. 

Pick your poison

Some of us even went as far as to use the same show or movie to achieve the desired result of "Netflix and chilling."

Game changer

Now, multiple streaming services are taking it to the next level by consistently delivering new and original content, which makes forming an addiction to streaming content almost inevitable.

The good ole days

Way back in the day we would utilize commercial breaks to flirt and get a little more friendly on the couch. Ahhh, the simplicity of preprogrammed TV…

It’s only 20 minutes long

But now with limitless options, full seasons, and just a quick click of a button, it’s impossible to say no to watching just one more episode.

Shout out to streaming services

According to The Wall Street Journal, in 2017, we are having less and less baby making magic than we did over 30 years ago (when streaming services were only just a twinkle in our eyes).

Sex? How about no

Ranging from age 18-38, evidently 36% of people admit to choosing streaming over sex, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“We’ll just have a baby next year"

In fact, a few participants in the study admitted they wanted to grow their family but consistently put off sex for watching another episode of whatever they’ve been dying to watch next.

Netflix + chill = hottest new birth control

Somehow I’m not surprised that binging Dexter, The Punisher, or Mindhunter doesn’t put us in a sexy mood. Since binge-watching is essentially acting as a form of birth control, I can’t help but wonder how many babies would actually be in this world if Netflix weren’t a thing... But seriously, if you’re looking to heat things up with your partner anytime soon, we highly suggest turning off Netflix.