For all its faults, there's one area in which Netflix can be relied upon to excel - the true-crime documentary genre. The streaming service has brought us many classic binge-watching sessions over the years, and now one code allows you to see them all at once...

If you're looking for a binge-watch, Netflix reigns supreme.

It was one of the first - and still one of the best - streaming services out there. There are so many hours of content that you can be sure there will always be something to watch.

But there's one particular area that Netflix is well known for.

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The streaming service always kills it when it comes to true crime documentaries. For example, The Confession Tapes, a show exploring what causes people to falsely confess to crimes that they didn't commit.

Or how about this classic?

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The Staircase first aired in 2004, but Netflix picked up the documentary and added some updated episodes last year. It explores the mystery of the death of Kathleen Peterson and is well worth a watch.

And who could forget?

Making a Murderer may be the documentary series that we can credit with reinvigorating the genre and it kick-started all of our obsessions with anything dark and grisly.

These documentaries all have something in common.

They involve some element of mystery - typically along the lines of who killed who, and why?

True crime is truly the best.

Whether you're trying to solve it along with the police ...

Or looking for something more spooky.

We love 'em all!

And if you can't find any true crime to watch ...

This new Netflix hack has you covered.

Here's what you need to do.


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