Netflix Fans 'Scared to Turn the Lights out' After Watching New Movie | 22 Words

Netflix's latest horror movie launch has got people terrified to turn out the lights, and it's not hard to see why.

Feeling tempted to take on the challenge? Keep scrolling to see which film is creating such a fuss and to watch the trailer for yourself...

There's something twisted within us that just loves a good scare.

Nothing about being completely creeped out, jumping out of your skin, or sleeping with the light on after embarking on a late-night horror movie viewing seems all that appealing. But somehow, the horror franchise has racked up quite a significant fanbase.

A well-executed horror can leave us feeling suitably terrified.

From ghosts and demons to gore and cold-blooded murder, there seems to be no end to what producers can come up with for their latest horror-related ventures, and for what we are willing to endure.

It's almost like an addiction.

No matter how frightening or gory, it seems we just can’t stop watching.

And there's a race to keep topping the scare-factor.

With decades worth of horror cinematic history, we have gotten used to the usual horror tropes thrown at us on-screen, so writers are constantly having to find frightening new avenues to explore to add a new narrative to the classic horror franchise.

Streaming giant Netflix has certainly enjoyed success within this sector.

The platform seems to be really good at roping in horror fans with its tantalizing spooky offerings.

Of course, we all know The Haunting of Hill House.

The series gave a prolonged adrenaline-inducing experience of the horror genre.

Recently, however, Netflix has truly been outdoing itself.

Take creepy new horror series like Marianne (read more about it at the end) for instance, or the mind-bending movie Eli. 

Or how about The Perfection?

That movie was both bizarre and creepy.

And who can forget?

Gerald's Game... the adaption of Stephen King's creepy thriller had us well and truly biting our nails.

There's truly been no shortage of horror content to get our teeth into.

That's why we love Netflix so much, right?

And the latest release is set to give us our spine-tingling fix.

Proceed with caution...

The flick centers on a science wiz named Ethan...

Who accidentally invents a device that amplifies the paranormal activity in his house.

After his parents are killed in a horrific accident...

He comes home to be with his 2 younger siblings - bringing the machine along with him.

The 3 siblings start to believe their parents are visiting them from beyond the grave.

But it soon becomes clear that they have unleashed the wrong kind of spirit - and it's certainly not their parents.

The spooky flick is jam-packed with freaky shape-shifting demons...

As well as the classic tropes like jump scares and am overall chilling atmosphere.

The movie has a surprisingly good rating of 60% scoring on Rotten Tomatoes.

Horror movies aren't always known for scoring highly, so this is a pretty impressive feat.

After watching the movie...

Viewers had some very strong reactions.

Viewers were quick to recommend the creepy flick.

"our house on netflix good asf."

Many have been left unable to sleep...

And have been left keeping a watchful eye open for demons in their own home.

Even the biggest horror buffs were left shaken.

Looks like this is a movie is sure to play on your mind.

Underneath the trailer for the movie, several said it had left them feeling “f***ed up"

“Well, guess I’m not sleeping for the next month then FML," penned one user.

In fact, some are declaring the movie so terrifying that they are too afraid to turn off the lights.

"Keep convincing myself there are shadow figures outside my room so am resorting to buying a night light… I’m 30."

Fancy giving it a watch? Check out the trailer below... at your own peril.

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