Netflix Officially Announces ‘The Office’ Departure

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For most during the lockdown, The Office was a safe haven, a show we could binge, living our quarantine lives through depressed office workers.

But sadly, it looks like the time has come for Netflix to say goodbye to the beloved show. Here’s what we know so far…

The Office is one of NBC’s best loves sitcoms.

It was aired from 2005 to 2013 and is still available on a variety of streaming sites. This means, even though it has ended, it’s never really left the cultural zeitgeist. That was until now, that is!

Now, some fans don’t know that The Office was actually a remake!

It’s based on the British BBC series of the same name, which premiered in 2001 and starred Ricky Gervais.

It’s still extremely popular to this day and can be streamed on Netflix. Although if you haven’t watched it yet, you might want to hurry up.

People absolutely love the show.

In spite of the fact it finished almost six years ago (!), fans have remained loyal. The Office-based humour has a good presence on the internet, and the show will likely continue its reign of popularity for years to come.

The cast of characters alongside the unlikely escapades they get up to over the show’s nine seasons never fail to raise a laugh.

The relationships between the different Office characters could warm anyone’s heart. The show is a perfect balance of cringe-inducingly funny and touchingly moving.

There are certain scenes from The Office which will never get old.

Like this scene of unfortunate accountant Kevin dropping a gigantic tub of chilli, which is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking.

Pam getting wasted at a work event at Chili’s, anyone? Jenna Fischer, the actress who portrayed the receptionist, posted this tweet last year and got over 380,000 likes.

Also, how adorable is it that the stars are all actually friends in real life?

Here, Jim complains about Dwight throwing the most depressing birthday party imaginable – complete with brown and grey deflated balloons and that iconic “banner.”

Michael Scott, the boss, is pictured here about to jump off the office building to prove a point to his co-workers.

The Office has also given us some of the most iconic reaction GIFs out there.

This eye roll, by long suffering salesman Stanley, is the perfect response to a wide variety of annoying situations.

The relationships between the characters. A firm fan favourite was the will-they, won’t-they romance between reluctant salesman Jim and shy receptionist Pam.

And since then, fans have had to rely solely on reruns to get their Dunder Mifflin fix.

We can always rely on The Office to serve as the ultimate pick-me-up. And it seems this was no exception when it came to the pandemic the world is currently in the midst of.

And it seems that most of us have been opting to (re)binge our way through The Office.

Because you might not have long left with your favourite characters.

Yep, unfortunately, The Office is being moved from Netflix to Peacock…

Although you still have some time to binge-watch the series!

Although there have been talks of the show moving, it has finally been made official.

Fortunately, fans will still be able to catch the show on Peacock, where the subscription for their paid content is only $4.99 per month. We’re still pretty devastated by the news. Keep scrolling for all the latest Netflix updates…