For fans of NBC sitcom smash The Office, the years since the show's end in 2013 have been dark ones, to say the least. Sure, we've had Cards Against Humanity games, and even a recently announced podcast launch. But for loyal Dunder-Mifflin followers, nothing has quite been enough. Until now.

Because it has been announced that, a new Netflix comedy is set to fill the Office sized hole in our hearts.

And, as you could probably expect, fans are going crazy for the news.

The Office is one of NBC's best loves sitcoms.

It was on from 2005 to 2013, and is still available on a variety of streaming sites. This means, even though it has ended, it’s never really left the cultural zeitgeist.

Here are a few of its stars hanging out in 2005.

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From left to right, we have John Krasinksi, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson and BJ Novak. They played Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Dwight Shrute and Ryan the temp, respectively.

Some fans don't know that The Office was actually a remake.

It's based on the British BBC series of the same name, which premiered in 2001 and starred Ricky Gervais.

The show gained a cult following.

It's still extremely popular to this day, and can be streamed on Amazon Prime. If you haven't watched it yet, we highly recommend!

People absolutely love the show.

In spite of the fact it finished almost six years ago (!), fans have remained loyal. The Office-based humour has a good presence on the internet, and the show will likely continue its reign of popularity for years to come.

Its high-quality humour is one of the reasons for its ongoing popularity.

The cast of characters alongside the unlikely escapades they get up to over the show's nine seasons never fail to raise a laugh.

The show also has a surprisingly sweet core.

The relationships between the different Office characters could warm anyone's heart. The show is a perfect balance of cringe-inducingly funny and touchingly moving.

There are certain scenes from The Office which will never get old.

Like this scene of unfortunate accountant Kevin dropping a gigantic tub of chilli, which is equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking.

The inside jokes from the show still strike a chord today.

Pam getting wasted at a work event at Chili's, anyone? Jenna Fischer, the actress who portrayed the receptionist, posted this tweet last year and got over 380,000 likes.

In fact, the whole cast is worth a Twitter follow.

Also, how adorable is it that the stars are all actually friends in real life?

The show is bursting at the seams with inside jokes.

Here, Jim complains about Dwight throwing the most depressing birthday party imaginable - complete with brown and grey deflated balloons and that iconic "banner."

It's also eminently quotable.

Michael Scott, the boss, is pictured here about to jump off the office building to prove a point to his co-workers.

The Office has also given us some of the most iconic reaction GIFs out there.

This eye roll, by long suffering salesman Stanley, is the perfect response to a wide variety of annoying situations.

Another reason for the show's ongoing popularity?

The relationships between the characters. A firm fan favourite was the will-they, won't-they romance between reluctant salesman Jim and shy receptionist Pam.

The show went off the air in 2013.

And since then, fans have had to rely solely on reruns to get their Dunder Mifflin fix. The show does stand up to a second (or third, or fourth) watch - but it's not the same.

And sure, there have been tidbits here and there.

Every so often, Office fans will get some never before seen info, or a behind the scenes secret - even a card game or a podcast! But things just weren't the same.

We've been hungry for new content.

And in the almost 7 years since the show left our screens, many of us have wondered what happened to all our favorite and beloved characters next.

But don't worry.

Because NBC have recently revealed some very exciting news for Office fans - a potential upcoming reboot.

We've recently had some very sad news about the show.

It was revealed earlier this year that the show would be taken down from Netflix - and people were feeling pretty distraught.

But the news had a potentially exciting motive.

The reason The Office was being removed from Netflix is as a result of NBC's upcoming independent streaming service, where every episode will reside in 2021.

Alog with being the exclusive source of old Office episodes ...

NBC's cable entertainment chief Bonnie Hammer has told Deadline, "It is my hope and goal that we do an Office reboot."

This means, aside from being able to access our old faves ...

We may also get to check back in with our favorite for the first time in nine years. We bet there's a lot to catch up on.

"The Office comes back to us in January 2021. It is my hope that we can figure what that great reboot would be. We are having conversations."

Hammer went on. "When we see what the usage is on the service, if something is popping, and it's ours, you better believe that we are going to be looking at it as a new original. All of our choices, especially in the beginning, we are doing them strategically so they connect back to our legacy."

And now there's been another hat thrown into the ring.

Bob Greenblatt, former chairman of NBC Entertainment, claims original show creator Greg Daniels is keen, too.
In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Greenblatt claims, "I was talking to Greg Daniels four years ago about rebooting The Office, way before this. He wants to do it and actually has an idea for it."

But the reboot may not be plain sailing.

Many feel a bit skeptical about bringing back the show - not least for one very important reason. Steve Carrell, who plays Michael Scott, seems like he's not on board.

In the past, he's made his stance very clear.

Carrell told Time,"I've never thought of it as a good idea. I think it existed in that time and with those people and it felt right. There was something so special about it, and I guess it's an odd way to put it, but I love it too much to ever want to do it again. It's too special to me in my heart in that period of time."

Many people are excited by the news.

The fact we may finally get some new content featuring all the Dunder Mifflin faves is pretty thrilling stuff.

And what's even more exciting?

When The Office ended in 2013, memes were in their infancy. We can only imagine what the internet will come up with this time around.

But others are feeling more skeptical.

The fact The Office is so funny relies on constantly offensive humor - which many suspect may not be so well received in 2021.

Some have this suspicion.

There's a worry about the longevity of an Office reboot - especially considering the terrible things that come out of Michael Scott's mouth.

But hey, there is an upside.

No matter how skeptical you feel, at least there's a perfect Office gif you can use in response.

And many aren't convinced.

Perhaps an Office reboot is one of those things that sounds good in theory, but in reality, is better left well alone.

Although others have had this reaction.

Since The Office we know and love is already a reboot, perhaps we shouldn't be judging it this harshly.

And if you can't wait that long?

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Well, a new Netflix drop might be for you. Upcoming comedy Space Force stars Steve Carell, and has The Office's Howard Klein as executive producer.

Here's the teaser.

It's set to drop on May 29th - and we'll certainly be tuning in. Can't wait til then? Scroll on for everything new to Netflix this month.