DC Comics has today come forward with an all-important update regarding the future of their most prolific superhero, Batman - however, the news has seriously divided opinions.

Keep scrolling for the full details, and to see the first glimpse of the updated superhero...

There's a new Bruce Wayne in town.

Curated by the Oscar-award-winning writer, John Ridley, Future State: The Next Batman is set to hit our screens next year.

This comes as an installment of DC's Future State series...

Which will spotlight the World's Greatest Super Heroes in fresh new roles, with brand new characters taking up their iconic mantles.

There are 3 categories of comics to be released during this event...

Oversized comics, monthly miniseries, and one-shots.

And, for Batman fans, there were some very exciting updates regarding his rebirth over the weekend.

It was revealed that Future State: The Next Batman will be set in a dystopian future where Gotham has been overturned and overrun by an evil political scheme called the Magistrate, which has outlawed masked vigilantes.

Sadly, Bruce Wayne's Batman has been killed...

But, luckily for the residents of Gotham, a new Batman has taken the reigns to bring peace and order back to the city.

But who is this new Batman?

Of course, since Bruce Wayne's death was revealed, speculation surrounding Gotham's next hero has been rife.

However, there's one aspect surrounding the new Batman that everyone is talking about...

Opinions are seriously divided, to say the least.

Our next Batman is going to be Black...

And, for the most part, people are delighted to hear it.

However, others aren't too impressed with the decision.

Many have slammed DC for using a Black actor for a traditionally white character, noting that, if they want a Black superhero, they should create a new one.

The brains behind the Black Batman, John Ridley, recently addressed his decision.

Timothy Fox, the estranged son of Wayne's former colleague Lucius Fox, who inherited the Wayne fortune after his death, and the brother of former Batwing Luke Fox, will be taking on the role of Batman. Speaking to the LA Times, Ridley noted how he is excited to take the character to places he hadn't been before and to explore other avenues that perhaps weren't possible with Wayne.

He said this:

"What I'm talking about is a person's background, a person's status, a person that may have been given everything in life. Sometimes people who are given a lot of things don't understand the struggle."

"So, it's one thing to be Black - that doesn't mean all of the struggles of our daily lives are exactly the same."

He continued: "What is this person going through? What have they been gifted in life? What do they have to discover? What are the things they are fighting for or against - before they even put on that costume? And how does that inform the Batman that they are? How that is so very different from Bruce Wayne."

He also revealed that, as opposed to previous incarnations of the Caped Crusader, this series will be less reliant on technology in order to overcome evil.

In order to combat the Magistrate's leader, Peacekeeper One, Fox will have to rely much more on his natural abilities. Ridley said: "It's really difficult to avoid technology and facial recognition. You have a Batman who has to operate in a space where the only advantage he can have is to be analog. When you start removing those digital tools, you're like a caveman fighting computers."

He really wants to develop Batman's individual character...

"It really is rolling Batman back to being an individual who is so much about his wit, his guile, and his physical acumen. You definitely have to have a different strategy. You're outmanned, you're outgunned and the only thing you can really do is go back to the original Batman - the shadows are your friend. The night is your ally."

"The city is your battleground."

Take a look at the first released image of the new Black Batman, who was and will be illustrated by Nick Derrington. Fox will appear in the new crossover series, which will run through January and February next year ahead of a number of other new comics being launched in March. For more on the rise of Black superheroes, keep scrolling to see how Disney will be keeping Chadwick Boseman's legacy alive...