If you want to be seen as an icon, you most certainly need to conquer the fashion industry.

We see fashion trends come and go quicker than the time that it would take to name them. Whether they are good or bad, all of them leave an impression, that's for sure. The worst of them all seem to be the shoes. What is it with designers and inventing utterly horrendous footwear? I wouldn't be caught dead wearing any of these, would you?

From fish-flops to ugly crocs, let's count down some of the weirdest shoes to have ever walked into existence, including the new color-changing converse.

1. Crocs with socks.

via: Elle

You either love them or hate them. And in this house, we hate them. Why try to make an ugly shoe uglier? And don't even get me started on how you'd have to wash them...

2. Grass flip-flops.

via: Amazon

If you love the feeling of grass under your feet, which a lot of people do, these are the perfect buy for you. I don't know how you're going to wash these either...

3. Flipper heels.

via: Virtual Shoe Museum

These are cleverly named "High Tide Heels" and are a "conceptual object of art." Well, according to the Virtual Shoe Museum, they are. To me, they're just strange. These would be perfect if you were planning to go deep-sea diving but want to look sophisticated doing it.

4. Fish shoes.

via: Amazon

Sticking with the deep-sea diving theme, here are a pair of shoes that need to be eradicated immediately. Have you ever wondered what the inside of a fish feels like? These "Coddies Fish Flops" may be able to help you live that dream if that is your dream...

5. Goth Crocs.

via: Etsy

Socks attached to crocs, you can kind of get away with. Spikes, on the other hand, are a serious health and safety hazard.

6. Transparent trainers.

via: Shein

First transparent raincoats, then transparent jeans. We now have transparent trainers. Who knows? In a couple of months, we might all be wearing transparent clothing... Yikes.

7. Goat-Gun hooves.

via: Design Milk

Two things that should never have been combined. Goat hooves and guns. I don't know what the designer, Iris Schieferstein, was thinking!

8. Platform Crocs.

via: Yoox

You really thought that the weird croc obsession was over? Well, sorry to disappoint you, here's another. Introducing: the platform croc by Balenciaga. We couldn't be more disappointed.

9. Nike kitten-heels.

You have to be pretty goddamn talented to be able to upcycle old Nike shoes to create a sporty yet sophisticated kitten heel, right? Yeah, they might be ugly as hell, but we can appreciate the effort.

10. Camel-toe shoes.

via: Maison Margiela

Yes, these exist. People actually want to walk around wearing camel-toe shoes. But looking like an idiot comes at an expensive price - $812 to be exact.

11. Flame Crocs.

via: Crocs

I promise, this is my last mention of crocs... I can't help it, they're just so ugly! If you're three years old, you'd probably like these, but if you're a grown adult and you're thinking of buying a pair, I suggest that you see a doctor immediately. There must be something wrong with you...

12. Tassled golf sneaker.

via: Mental Floss

When you're off to have a good ol' game of golf, but need to blind your opponents in order to win. And they're tassled to make sure that you win a few extra points for style purposes. I'm kidding, stay away from these.

13. "Burger" shoes.

via: END Clothing

This one is for you food lovers out there. This special shoe was designed with our favorite fast food product in mind. Orange for the burger bun, green for lettuce, red for ketchup, and white for a dash of mayo. They're making me hungry...

14. High-top flip-flops.

via: Converse

Converse made its worst mistake releasing this line of horrendous footwear. The idea should have never left the drawing board, let alone hit the shelves. We're not here for it.

15. Color-changing Converse.

Now onto the main event. Prepare yourselves, because I can guarantee that this is going to blow your socks off.

This new line of footwear released by Converse changes color in the sun!

The shoe brand has collaborated with an online retailer, Chinatown Market, to invent this product. They start off white and, as they're exposed to direct sunlight, they change to an array of other colors until you're left walking with rainbows on your feet!

Don't believe me? Check this out!

Amazing, right?

"It's the beauty of the shoes: how unique they are."

via: Chinatown Market

Mike Cherman, designer and the founder of Chinatown Market, spoke to Sneaker News about this incredible new invention. He said: "These hues change in their own way, and some colors will last longer while others will last for a shorter time period."

The rest of the shoes on this list might be weird, but these are weirdly wonderful.

The collection launches on the official Chinatown Market website tomorrow for $95 for the Low-Top and $100 for the High-Top.

But you better keep your eyes peeled, because reports state that there's only a limited amount of stock!

So once they're gone, they're gone until the next re-stock. Grab a pair while you can!