A new book has apparently revealed the secret to a happy, stress-free life for all women far and wide...

And, in doing so, it has caused one hell of an uproar.

Alice Coffin, a French author and, as it happens, a dedicated feminist, has created a social media frenzy this week with her controversial views on feminism.

Coffin is an activist, ecologist, and councilwoman all rolled into one...

And, this month, she has made her debut as a novelist.

Le Genie Lesbien, which translates to Lesbian Genius has caused quite a stir amongst feminists all over the world...

With it even being dubbed as one of the most controversial books to be published in France in the last decade.

Her views are a little extravagant, to say the least...

But there has been one aspect of her book that has stirred up a little more controversy than the rest.

Coffin took it upon herself to tell her readers how she, as a feminist, lives a happy life...

And, let me tell you, people are not impressed.

Now, the idea of feminism has been warped beyond belief these days.

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If you look up the definition of “Feminism" in the dictionary, you’ll see that it is described as "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes."

At its core, feminism is about the equality of men and women.

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Nothing more, nothing less.

However, the true meaning behind the ideology of feminism has been somewhat twisted over the years.

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Many people instantly associate feminists with angry, self-entitled women who hate all men and want to rule the world.

Obviously, banishing all men is not what feminism is all about.

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All we want is total equality on all levels, is that really too difficult to understand?

Well, some women have made this understanding a little difficult...

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Because their own ideas of feminism are totally and utterly outrageous.

And this is where Alice Coffin comes in.

Coffin's debut book, Lesbian Genius, has caused quite a stir following its release.

In her book, Coffin discusses how she lives her own life as an empowered woman...

And, guess what?

It turns out the secret to a happy, fulfilling life is the banishment of all the male presence in your life.

I told you it was controversial.

Coffin has made the conscious effort to cut out and avoid anything created or said by men...

And therefore implored her readers “to eliminate men from our minds, images, and representations."

Coffin has already made conscious changes to her own life:

She doesn’t read books, she doesn’t listen to music, and she doesn’t see films made by the opposite sex.

According to Coffin, "eliminating men from our minds" is the answer to a fulfilling life as not only a lesbian but as a woman.

Bit of a low blow to all the male feminists out there, isn't it?

The backlash was almost immediate...

Not only from men, but from other French feminists.

Marlène Schiappa, ex-minister for gender equality under President Macron, was one of the first to publicly slam Coffin...

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Accusing her of defending “a form of apartheid" in “dangerous" considerations.

However, some people have voiced support for Coffin and her controversial ideologies...

By stating that this is simply something that men have done for centuries.

Alice Coffin is yet to respond to the backlash.

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