It's a new year when you make long lists of goals and cut out the stuff that is just no longer working in your life. But now that you've finally decided that in 2020, that book club just doesn't fit into your schedule, or that you just don't like your kid enough to continue going to PTA meetings, what are you going to do with all that extra time?

The answer is to find a new hobby. Be it painting, muay thai, or something completely bonkers (not enough people take up swimming with the dolphins as a hobby, and I hope that changes in 2020), filling your time with a fun new hobby is the best way to spend your time and find something to do that truly makes you happy.

The internet's been discussing some of the hobbies they'd take up if time and money were no longer an issue, and we've collected some of the best ideas down below. Some of these hobbies might be expensive, or time-consuming, but maybe you'll come across one that speaks to your soul.

Start designing those homes today!

I love Carpentry. I watch dozens of YouTube videos on woodwork. I fricking love it and the creativity is endless. I wish I had a (huge) garage and a set of tools to work with. - einemnes

We've all got a spare windowsill.

Growing plants. Any plants. Medicinal, food, or just flowers to look good. Giant greenhouses on acres of land dedicated to growing many many plants, all day everyday. - CM901

Just don't walk around barefoot.

LEGO. I want an entire room dedicated to LEGO, where I can continually add to a gigantic world that ranges from western towns to medieval castles to franchise stuff like Harry Potter and Star Wars. - SunGlassBitch

We should all start working on our sci-fi sagas tonight.

Writing a sci-fi saga and producing them into a show or movie. - -AMARYANA-

PCs are so much more powerful than consoles.

I love PCs and building them. I'd love to buy all the parts and bring it all together. - FeKouT

Wouldn't we all? (All of us who are ninjas, that is.)

I’d love to expand my sword collection. - MissMetalSix

One of the best-smelling hobbies you can have.

Flower arranging. I have a knack for it and find it so therapeutic! - Unknown_Stonefruit

Swim baby, swim!

Owning and caring for fish tanks. Freshwater, saltwater, the works. They’re beautiful, time-consuming, and expensive, but god the payoff is amazing. - nursingandpizza

A nice baby grand in the corner would look classy.

Maybe practice piano. I just need a lot of time and money for a better piano. - Brusherly

You'll nail that triple axle if you just stick with it.

Ice Skating. I've always wanted to do a course to learn how to skate backwards, spin, basic jump etc but it's always during normal 9-5 hours. - Alarae

Sing your heart out.

Writing and recording songs. I’ve recorded over 100 at home and about a dozen in a proper studio, but with a proper amount of time and the right equipment, I could be making an album every week. - hubertsnuffleypants

Get your boys out on the court.

I'm a simple man. Playing basketball with some good competition. A b-ball is all I need for good mood. - IzzYaBoy

I bet you could just go to dealerships and try them out for free.

Driving fun cars and riding fast motorcycles. - BigArmsBigGut

Be the well-fitting clothes you want to see in the world.

Making clothes! I have a natural hourglass figure with big hips and I can't find any clothes that fit me right so it would be nice to have form-fitting clothes. - blushyfan

My grandpa used to wood-carve, and it always seemed so relaxing.

Woodworking. Not that I know anything about it but I've always wanted to make my own coffee table. I even have an image of what it'd look like in my head. It's just too expensive for me to take even a basic woodworking class around where I live. - nishank010

There are for sure horse ranches where you can go for a ride once in a while.

I'd love to own some horses and have a little ranch. That would be all I need. - sitzbeinhocker

Get out on the open seas!

I want to sail. I loved those small single mast boats as a kid, and I would love to try some bigger ones. Do some adventurous week or month-long sailing trips. - sp1inter

Take an intro scuba lesson!

Currently in Cabo on a trip that I got my scuba cert for. Definitely traveling and diving in different places around the world. - Nathanael777

I never feel better than when I go for a run in the morning.

I would just run for days like Forest Gump did. - MR_DoubleT

Did y'all play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Me either. But I definitely bought it.

Video games. It sounds lame compared to other things in this thread, but I would love to find more time for them. I have such a huge backlog of games I've bought but never played, along with a lot of games I want to buy and play, so if I didn't need to worry about time and money, I'd definitely game. - -eDgAR-

We've all got complete movie studios in our pockets.

I just want to make awful B-list style Slasher flicks. - tweak06

A quick Google can get even you into astronomy.

Astronomy. I would go to university and article as many courses as possible. I would take courses but not write any exams as I would not be interested in receiving a degree. I would definitely do lab work, though. That's where the real magic happens! - Enki_007

Each one's worth 1,000 words, you know.

Photography! I’m not good at it but I think if I had the money I’d be able to invest in better lens and work on my editing skills. - dyingsince02

There's only one better way to stay close with your adult friends than Settlers of Catan.

Collecting and playing board games. - Hobojo5252

Getting in a little more art is important for everyone.

Painting on large canvases with oil paints. If I could afford it, I'd do many more paintings. - Elizabeth_Grim

The whales are jumping, whether you're there or not. Might as well be there.

Whale watching! - DefinitelyAFemale

Go experience a little nature.

Hiking. I love walking, I’d love to have days to go on treks into proper forests and mountains. - swallowyoursadness

You can rent out a cheap 3D printer and get started today!

My hobbies already consist of 3D Printing modeling and designing etc. If money was no object I would have a proper cnc machine (I currently only have a small cnc router) laser cutter paint booth and a ton of tools. - Nightwish612

Just stat with one model train and let it grow from there.

I'd personally love to get into model trains again... - Deadeye_Fred

There's no better way to stay close with your adult friends than D&D.

The main limiting factor of Dungeons & Dragons is the time to get people together to play, so I'd love the opportunity to run the eight or nine campaigns I have stored away. I might even run them multiple times for different groups so I could really fine-tune them. - Portarossa