Mom Left Furious as New Owners Start Tearing up Home While They’re Moving Out

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Moving house is a pretty stressful, event and research has shown it is actually more stressful than other life changes such as divorce or having a child. The poll, conducted by Yopa, saw forty percent of homeowners say that transitioning to a new home gave them anxiety and for some, it even progressed to develop into a full-blown mental or physical illness as a result.

It can be particularly stressful if you were attached to the property or if it has sentimental value to your family. So, you can understand one mom’s anger when the new owners of her old home started tearing down and re-decorating the property while she was still moving out of the place, leaving her no time to say goodbye.

Posting to Mumsnet, the anonymous mom described what happened.

“Our buyer, I’ll call him R, called my husband at 10.30 AM asking if he can come [and] get the keys. We said [no], we were still loading the van and waiting for our onward purchase to be available. Anyway, we filled the van, about 3/4 of the house was in and we took an early lunch. Me, DH, and 2 friends. Then at 11.30 DH goes: ‘R is here.’ I was a bit annoyed as we had told him no, but what can we do. (R is a rich, entitled, white, old man it seems). So we let R in, while we’re still sat on fold-out chairs eating.”

She continued: “R asks if he can have a look at the kitchen. Okay, we nod. We get back to our sarnies and hear an almighty crash. DH goes in and find R ripping the kitchen apart. We knew he was fitting a whole new kitchen, didn’t expect him to start before we had even left. Anyway, we go out the front and chat with our neighbors when at 12 PM along comes R’s electrician and plumber. R then turned off the water without telling us so I had to use my neighbors’ loo (the first day of my period too so really awkward).

“We are shocked that we haven’t even given him the keys and he has his whole building team in! We still have stuff in the house.”

And then, things got even worse as the mom tried to get this new owner to understand that they hadn’t fully moved out yet and he couldn’t just do whatever he wanted while their belongings were still everywhere. Long story short, this man did not care.

“By the time I get back the kitchen is just a shell. My dining table (disassembled) is coated in a thick layer of dust. Our dishwasher was being used as a table for all their plans and tools. Meanwhile, my asthma goes through the roof from all the thick dust,” said the furious mom.

“We grab the last of our stuff, dodging workmen and go. No chance to say goodbye to the first house we bought, the house we bought our babies home to, our home. I feel cheated of an experience, are we wrong? Surely until such time as we hand R the keys he shouldn’t be in the house and WTF did he book a team of workmen in for completion day!”

Sounds like an absolute nightmare, if I’m being completely honest. Big yikes.