A new study has claimed that Meghan Markle actually looks "more trustworthy" than Queen Elizabeth!

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It all began in 2016...

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When Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, her career as an actress seemed to be instantly swapped for a life fulfilling royal duties.

It was rather unexpected...

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But Harry seemed to be besotted with his new love interest and it didn't take him long to cement her as his serious girlfriend... including taking her to meet Queen Elizabeth just a few months in!

Meghan started joining Harry on Royal trips and tours...

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And there was no denying how happy they looked together.

After a year of dating, Harry and Meghan announced their engagement...

Much to the delight of their fan-base worldwide!

They married in May, 2018...

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Which made Meghan an official part of the Royal Family. She relocated to London and was given the title, the Duchess of Sussex.

The couple announced their pregnancy shortly after the wedding...

And Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born in May of 2019.

Even though the little family seemed to radiate with happiness...

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Things were far from the case behind the scenes as Meghan was relentlessly attacked by the British press and public.

Anything she did or said...

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The British media had something to say about it. Whether she was being branded as a diva, a control-freak, a "monarchy ruiner," and even a bad mother, Meghan received it all.

Even though Meghan bravely put a smile on her face throughout it all...

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There's absolutely no doubt that she was struggling.

Meghan and Harry made the bold decision to step down from royal duties earlier this year.

In a joint statement, the couple said that they wanted "a normal upbringing for their child" and they feel that spending their time between the U.K. and America would be much more appropriate for their family environment.

This came as a huge shock worldwide...

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But nobody was more shocked than those in the royal family.

Apparently, the Queen wasn't notified of Harry and Meghan's plans to step down from the family until after their announcement on social media.

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Her Majesty published a statement shortly afterward, which read: "Discussions with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through."

Harry's relationship with his brother William also came under strain following his departure.

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The future King of England was reported to have distanced himself from Harry and Meghan and the pair didn't speak for months.

Even though the family is now spending a lot of their time in Los Angeles...

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Meghan is still receiving a lot of heat from the British press for "breaking up the royal family." And my goodness, we wonder why...

It's no coinsidence that Meghan is the first-ever person of color to join the Royal Family...

And no other royal has ever received the volume of hate in which Meghan has - not even Prince Andrew, who was accused of being involved in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal.

This is modern-day racism...

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And it's not okay.

But regardless of the turmoil that Meghan has endured for the last few years...

It seems that her fan base is actually bigger than many of us anticipated.

According to a recent study...

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Meghan Markle has been deemed as more trustworthy than the Queen herself.

Experts from PSL Research University in Paris have been conducting research into how trustworthy a person's portrait appears.

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"The algorithm doesn't assess trustworthiness in itself - rather the qualities and traits the sitters of a portrait wanted to portray in their image," the authors explained.

They have created an algorithm that scans faces in painted portraits and photographs to determine the 'trustworthiness' of the subject based on their facial muscle contractions.

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The authors used the trustworthiness tool to discover that, as living standards improved since the 1500s, so did the apparent trustworthiness of the subjects.

As part of the process of training the model, researchers compared some famous faces to ancient portraits...

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So in this case, they compared Meghan and the Queen's portraits to Queen Elizabeth I. "It is possible that Megan Markle is not a trustworthy person, but on average her appearance in her portrait makes her look trustworthy," said author Nicolas Baumard.

And as for the Queen?

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"This is probably a quality that is very important to her [Meghan], probably more than Queen Elizabeth I who does not smile in her portraits."


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Authors found that Meghan appeared 3 and a half times more trustworthy than Elizabeth I, but Her Majesty the Queen was only 1 and a half times more trustworthy. Interesting.

Now, Meghan and Queen Elizabeth weren't the only portraits the study focused on.

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Former president Barack Obama was compared to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

A similar result was found...

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Barack Obama was found to have a more trustworthy portrait than president Putin.

Let's face it...

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We aren't really shocked!

And amazingly so, the authors decided to give President Donald Trump a go!

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The authors put him up against his rival Joe Biden, and it turned out that Biden was 300 percent more trustworthy than Trump. Are we really surprised?!

For more on the royals...

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