New Study Finds That a Quarter of Americans Think the Sun Travels Around the Earth

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Sometimes I think that Americans get a bad rap for being “dumb” and unedjukated uneducated. But I’ve gotta say…this new study certainly isn’t doing us any favors.

Come again?

Apparently the study was conducted by the National Science Foundation in 2012.
The findings, however, were not released until 2017 because those conducting the study kept fainting from shock every time they read the results.

Not shockingly, many of those surveyed didn’t get those questions right, either. 

Do you see three people? You probably do. That means that, including you, one of those people actually thinks that THE SUN TRAVELS AROUND THE FREAKIN’ EARTH!!!

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Although I’m sure someone will disagree with me on that, too. I guess that is what the Internet is for.
We’re all still having fun, right?

And while I, nor any of you, can definitely answer that question, one thing that a vast majority of us should be able to succinctly deduce is this: The earth, most definitely, without question, travels around the sun.

….that right there is a topic for another day.