New York Bans Flavored E-Cigarettes

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In the latest move in the war against electronic cigarettes, the State of New York has vowed to ban all flavored E-Cigarettes and vaping products.

In the last few months, we have watched in disbelief as more and more young people are admitted to hospitals across the country with severely damaged lungs and other internal organs… All as a result of using electronic cigarettes.

The use of these E-Cigarettes have become a nation-wide emergency, with politicians and governors anxiously debating what the next move should be.

And New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has evidently decided that enough is enough. Keep scrolling to hear what Gov. Cuomo has said about his decision, and why he thinks it’ll help to improve the health of the next generation of New Yorkers.

Ever since the first electronic cigarette appeared on our shelves back in 2007, our country has descended into a vaping frenzy.

With the promise of electronic cigarettes being a healthier and cheaper alternative to regular cigarettes, people were quick to throw away their Marlborough Golds in favor of the new and trendier nicotine fix.

The modern device was marketed on the premise of helping people kick their smoking habit altogether, rather than making them more dependent.

Roughly 10.8 million American adults are currently using E-Cigarettes, and more than half of them are under thirty-five years old, a U.S. study suggested last year.
And, in the last few years, the E-Cigarettes and vaping industry has skyrocketed to a $2.6 billion industry, the New York Times reported.

Because flavours such as strawberry, apple, cotton-candy, and bubblegum are much more enjoyable than the stale aftertaste of cigarette smoke, aren’t they?

E-Cigarettes actually have a more sinister side. It has now been discovered that E-Cigarettes are just as harmful as regular cigarettes, if not worse. And, in more recent news, they have been found to be fatal.

And the evidence has been speaking out against the devices. Researchers have found that E-Cigarettes deliver an alarmingly high dose of nicotine, which will get the user inevitably addicted, and therefore more likely to pick up regular smoking. The Food and Drug Administration have even been warning that nicotine-induced seizures could be a rare side effect of vaping.

Even without nicotine, research has been suggesting that the flavorings and various other ingredients in e-liquids used for vaping could be linked to serious respiratory problems.

The CDC held a briefing on the rise of severe lung illnesses connected to E-Cigarette use and said that the number of reported cases had more than doubled in the last week to 450, from just over 200. The respiratory problems have now impacted residents in thirty-three states and 1 jurisdiction.

But, the thing that doctors are sure of, is that it is being caused by electronic cigarettes. Health officials and doctors have been unsure of what exactly about E-Cigarettes is causing “healthy, young people to become ill,” but the CDC said Friday that they are beginning to see trends. Most of the 450 cases involved a young person between eighteen and twenty-five who was initially thought to have a pneumonia-like infection that turned out to be a pulmonary illness.

The number of deaths linked to vaping is now up to 5 as the CDC investigates the 450 cases of severe lung illness reported nationwide. Three additional deaths were confirmed on Friday in Indiana, Minnesota, and California, following 2 previously reported deaths in Illinois and Oregon.

Change needs to happen.

With more and more American’s becoming sick from these devices every day, our government needs to put its foot down and make a change to laws on vaping.

New York State has officially moved to ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes and vaping items. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an emergency executive action at yesterday’s morning press conference.

Cuomo had this simple declaration:
“Vaping is dangerous. At a minimum, it is addicting young people to nicotine at a very early age.”

“Forty percent of twelfth graders now vape and twenty-seven percent of high school students are vaping.”

And the ban has come in a response to the number of young people suffering from respiratory issues from the devices. “We do not know the long term-term health effects of the use of these products,” Cuomo said.

Besides tobacco and methol flavors. Gov. Cuomo stated: “Flavored products are highly attractive to young people. They are obviously targeted at young people, and they are highly effective at targeting young people.”

“We’re going to propose legislation next year that will ban all advertising directed at young people.” Cuomo explained. “Ironically, current vaping companies that were subject to the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement are already prohibited from marketing tobacco products to young people. New companies, however, are not so prohibited. We will pass along a State that says all such companies are prohibited from marketing to young people.”

JUUL, a major player in the E-Cigarette industry, said they will review Cuomo’s executive action, but spokesperson Austin Finan said, “We strongly agree with the need for aggressive category-wide action on flavored products.”

Let’s hope that New York will lead the vape-free revolution for the rest of the country because vaping is beginning to have majorly worrying side effects. One teenager from Florida recently made headlines when he was rushed to hospital with a collapsed lung… And it was all as a result of his vaping addiction. Keep scrolling to hear the terrifying story…