Over half of the United States is now in lockdown due to the uncontrollable spread of the deadly virus.

Thousands of people have now tragically lost their lives and New York City seems to be the epicenter of the crisis.

Now, tragically, a New York cemetery is struggling immensely to keep up with the unprecedented amount of burials required...

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Our country appears to have become the new epicenter of the global pandemic...

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And without a doubt, we have become the hardest hit in the last 2 months.

This news came just weeks after President Trump said he wants the nation "opened up and just raring to go by Easter."

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Trump has repeatedly expressed how eager he is to lift lockdowns within weeks, despite warnings from experts and doctors that if the nation returns to work, cases of the virus could spike once again. Little did he know...

New York seems to be the hotspot for cases here in the States.

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So much so, that from last month, those who have been in New York, specifically, the New York metro area, are being asked to quarantine immediately for fourteen days.

New York state alone has accounted for 262,268 cases...

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And 20,354 deaths - most of which have occurred in New York City.

According to a New York doctor, the number of patients on ventilators "more than doubled" in the last 2 weeks.

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Dr. Craig Smith, chair of the department of surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City, explained, "We have not exhausted our existing supply of ventilators but if we keep doubling every three days, we might."

It's safe to say that the city is struggling...

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But in the typical New Yorker fashion, communities are powering on through these difficult times.

It's no secret that healthcare workers are being worked to their limits...

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This is a problem occurring all over the world, but in New York City, healthcare workers have been buckling under the rapidly rising numbers of infected people and, ultimately, dealing with those who are losing their lives. They are putting their lives on the line every single day to save others, which is truly remarkable.

And as a big sign of thanks recently...

The Empire State Building was lit up with red lights to commemorate these heroic people working on the front line.

It created a real sense of unity and strength...

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And it delivered a powerful message that encouraged the world to stay strong and stick together during these hard times.

And every evening at 7 pm...

New Yorkers have been delivering a huge round of applause across the city for their essential workers.

But despite these beautiful acts of unity...

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Things continue to deteriorate.

It is a terrible reality that deaths are so prevalent in New York City...

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And the death toll is rising rapidly day by day.

Morgues within the state are struggling to cope...

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And under this immense pressure, the city has shortened the amount of time it will hold unclaimed remains before they are buried in the city's public cemetery.

A mass burial site has been built...

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Under the new policy, the medical examiner's office will keep bodies in storage for just fourteen days before they're buried in the city's potter's field on Hart Island.

Normally, about twenty-five bodies a week are interred on the island.

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These are for people who cannot afford a funeral or for those who go unclaimed by relatives.

But burial operations have increased massively over the last few weeks...

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They have increased from one day a week to 5 days a week, with around twenty-four burials each day, said Department of Correction spokesman Jason Kersten.

This means that bodies are being buried in mass graves.

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Nine News Australia took ariel footage of these graves and it is truly heartbreaking to witness.

City officials haven't explained whether the increase in burials is due to pressure on mortuaries to dispose of bodies more quickly.

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Around forty caskets were lined up for burial on the island on Thursday, and two fresh trenches have been dug in recent days.

People have been left shocked by the footage...

And it has truly painted a picture of the harsh realities of this deadly pandemic.

Cemeteries around the state are also struggling...

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And Mount Richmond Cemetery on Staten Island has been severely buckling under the pressure.

Last week, Mount Richmond had 10 burials in one day...

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When on average, they would have around 2-5 burials in a day. This is absolutely shocking to hear.

All cemeteries in the area are struggling...

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And they are all very quickly running out of space to bury the deceased.

Funerals at the site have now been restricted...

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Rabbi Shmuel Plafker, who works for the Hebrew Free Burial Association, said to Inside Edition: "In this type of situation, families must remain in the car and I'm communicating with them by a cell phone. They cannot come to the grave and no one is actually shoveling, we're lowering the deceased into the grave and we really cover the casket."

This is honestly heartbreaking...

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The fact that families are now unable to give their loved ones a proper send-off is terrible.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones to this terrible pandemic.

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