New York Set To Legalize Weed for Adults Over 21

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The state of New York is set to legalize marijuana for adults over the age of twenty-one.

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Now, this news has been a long time coming for many New Yorkers.

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With more and more states across the U.S legalizing both the recreational and medicinal use of the green stuff, people are smoking more weed than ever before.

So far, fourteen U.S states and 3 territories have legalized marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures…

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And New York is finally set to join them.

As stated earlier, the Big Apple will soon be jumping on board the marijuana bandwagon…

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And its residents couldn’t be happier about it.

This news comes just a month after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revised the New York legalization proposal.

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There, he vowed to set aside $100 million (£73,000) for a social equity fund, which is designed to help communities hit by marijuana laws through job placement programmes and treatments.

In a news conference earlier this week, Cuomo had said that he was making marijuana legalization a top priority in budget negotiations with officials.

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“This year we have to get it done, and getting it done by the time the budget is passed is essential. Cannabis is not just social equity, it’s also revenue for the state.”

And his words weren’t in vain.

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Officials reportedly reached a 3-way agreement between the Assembly, Senate, and governor’s office on a bill yesterday, March 25th.

Bloomberg reported that lawmakers settled on language in the bill…

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Which is expected to mirror laws from neighbouring states – where the legal age to buy cannabis is twenty-one.

On the groundbreaking bill, State Senate Finance Committee Chair Liz Krueger told the outlet:

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“It is my understanding that the 3-way agreement has been reached and that bill drafting is in the process of finishing a bill that we all have said we support.”

Krueger went on to explain that the deal would legalize cannabis for adults aged twenty-one and over…

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And that it will include thirteen percent sales tax – 9 percent of which would go to the state, and 4 percent to the localities.

The Wall Street Journal then reported that the deal would allow residents of the state to buy and possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana…

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And will even let them grow plants for personal use.
It is currently uncertain when the bill will be passed – make sure to stay posted for further updates.