New Zealand Goes 100 Days Without a Single Case of Coronavirus

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New Zealand has once again shown us all how it’s done in the ongoing fight against COVID-19…

New Zealand has reached a huge milestone, marking its 100th day without any recorded transmission of the virus, according to the Ministry of Health.

This news puts New Zealand on track to surpass its previous record of 102 days without community transmission made in August last year, which was broken when a mysterious outbreak emerged in south Auckland, thrusting the city into another lockdown.

Only ten new cases of coronavirus have been recorded by people returning to the country, which they have managed to contain with isolation.

4 of the cases come from Iraq via Qatar, which is being investigated after the travelers tested positive on the eleventh day of quarantine.
The other 6 cases all arrived within the past week, coming from the Philippines, Russia, and India.

This brings the number of cases to twenty-two.

This impressive landmark comes after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern plans to get her first vaccination this month, following the New Zealand government securing a massive 1 million doses of the vaccine from Pfizer.

Ardern has waited until now, saying she wanted to wait until the general population had their first doses. And now thanks to the new drop, she’s doing just that.

NZ began its vaccination rollout in February, prioritizing those most at risk, such as health workers and the elderly.

Despite the new rollout, NZ’s vaccination program is pretty stagnant, sitting at 119th in the world for doses distributed per capita.
However, Ardern aims to complete high-risk populations first, before opening it up to the rest of the country in July.

COVID-19 Minister Chris Hipkins has confessed his anxiousness surrounding the buildup and is relieved by the new confirmation.

“This is great news and reassuring to see our vaccine supply ramping up,” he said. “It shows our plan for what is the biggest and most complex logistical undertaking ever by the health system is on track.

“The drops will enable us to continue vaccinating Groups 1,2, and 3, while giving us the certainty needed to start the general population rollout as planned.”
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