Major News Networks Skip Live Coverage of Donald Trump’s Rally

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Donald Trump’s latest rally was – quite predictably – another repeat of media attacks, 2020 election falsehoods, and long-held grievances. And while it drew a large crowd in Wellington, Ohio, it didn’t achieve audiences on the 3 major cable news networks.

C-SPAN carried the rally of its Road to 2024 as Trump is a potential candidate in the next election.

It also drew coverage on right-wing outlets Newsmax and One America News Network.

Fox News stayed with its Saturday night lineup of Watters World and Justice with Judge Jeanine; CNN featured an interview with former Vice President Al Gore, among other segments, and MSNBC broadcast The Week with Joshua Johnson.

A big question following the 2020 presidential election was the level of coverage that news networks gave to Trump, who has the news value of being a potential contender in 2024. Yet as a former president no longer living in the White House, he doesn’t warrant attention for his every utterance, unless of course, it’s of significant interest.

The rally itself was intended to support Max Miller, a Republican challenging Anthony Gonzalez as Gonzalez was among those who voted to impeach Trump for inciting the January 6 insurrection, where the United States Capitol was stormed during a riot.

During the rally, Trump continued to claim that the election was stolen from him. These allegations have become known as “the big lie” as he failed to challenge the results of the election in court. But Trump still hasn’t failed to push the claims that the 2020 results were rigged.

While he didn’t say whether or not he would be running in 2024, he did say, “We won the election twice, and it is possible we might have to win it a third time.”

The former president also got his digs in at the media making reference to “fake news CNN” and “MSDNC.”

“Fox hasn’t been so great either, have they?” he added.

He didn’t stop there though. Trump also went after Big Tech as his accounts were suspended on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube following the January 6 Capitol riot. He accused democrats of aligning with those major firms, even though left-wing lawmakers have been critical of the platforms themselves.

The House Judiciary Committee advanced a final piece of legislation that has been labeled the ‘break-up’ bill, on the notion that it could ultimately lead to the shedding of assets or breaking in two of the Tech Giants.

He also went after military leadership. “You see these generals on television? They are woke.” Although he did not name him, Trump was referring to Gen. Mark Milley, who in a congressional hearing this week pushed back against attacks by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who had pressed him and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on critical race theory.

Trump may have been booted from Twitter, but he still knows how to gather his MAGA fans at one of his infamous rallies.

What do you think of Trump’s teaser return to the 2024 elections?