Ah, celebrities. They're always yearning for the luxurious, star treatment. Usually jetting off in premium class or private jets, they would never ordinarily dream of gracing the seats of economy class.

But it seems that NFL star, Cam Newton, got rather unlucky after he landed himself in economy (more on how that happened later) with the, drumroll please... normal people. After being allocated a less-than-preferable seat, the star then attempted to bargain with a fellow passenger, only to be rejected in front of a full aircraft of spectators. Awkward.

So, as Newton found out, it seems that, sometimes, there are some things that money can't buy...

Cam Newton rose to fame as an NFL star.

Newton is a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. The star has come a long way from his college jock days, becoming the first rookie quarterback to throw for four-thousand yards in a season.

With an estimated net worth of $45 million, he's a pretty big deal.

The star is raking in the big bucks more than ever before. After signing a 5-year contract worth an eye-watering $103.8 million with the Panthers in June 2015, he now has an annual income of $20 million. That's a lot of money...

So it's no surprise that he travels in celeb-style.

The star regularly flies business-class, and who can blame him? With that kind of money, there's no denying that we all would.

But, when recently traveling back to the states from Paris, the star landed himself in a sticky situation.

Newton had been enjoying his time in Paris, posting several snaps to his Instagram during his stay in the city. But, when the time came to return home last weekend, according to Florida sports radio host, Andy Slater, Newton had paid for a business class seat for the 10-hour journey from Paris to Charlotte but missed the flight. Big mistake.

After his slight hiccup, Newton was forced to fly home via a connecting flight in Dallas, in economy class.

Not only did the star have to travel home in regular economy class, but the airline also had the cheek to allocate a seat with no extra leg room.

Unsatisfied with his seat, he did what any other person would do...

He bribed a fellow passenger. Now, to be fair, you would be pretty peeved if you had paid for business-class...

That's right, Newton offered one passenger a cash incentive to swap seats with him.

He had is eyes set on that extra-leg room.

Lucky for us, another passenger was there to whip out his camera and film the exchange...

via: Twitter

In the video posted to Twitter, Newton can be seen approaching the unidentified man to ask if he would swap seats with him (watch the full vid below!).

He then offered the man $1500 for the extra-leg room seat...

via: Twitter

But the man didn't appear to budge.

It seems that the passenger didn't care about Newton's star-status or his money...

His cash offer was declined. Awkward. Elisara Edwards, who shot the video explained how the conversation went down: “He asked the guy in front of us about his seat and if he can trade seats, and [the other passenger] asked him how tall he was. “He said he was 6-6, and the guy goes, ‘Well, I’m 6-4, and I’m with my buddies here, so I won’t be able to give up my seat.’ And he asked him if he would trade for $1,000, and he said, ‘No.’ And he’s like, ‘$1,500?’ And he said, ‘No.’"

Many people are confused as to why the man rejected the cash.

We'd have been out of that seat in a flash.

It wasn't long before the memes started rolling in...

Twitter definitely saw the funny side of the incident.

Although others thought that race had something to do with the rejection...

via: Twitter

"He didn’t take the offer because this was an insult to his WHITENESS," wrote Tariq Nasheed on Twitter.

Newton is yet to comment on the video.

The star hasn't spoken out about the incident.

Check out the full video below.

We certainly don't think that Newton will be missing more flights any time soon...